Are you the kind of person who gets all giddy with excitement when a friend goes into labour? Maybe you start counting down the hours until you meet the new addition?

Babies are exciting, we know that. And it will seem like everyone wants to meet them right away, but it’s actually a delicate situation.

So, here are our tips on how to be the best ever visitor when you go to meet a baby.

1. Wait to be invited.

Just before the baby arrives, let the parents know you would love to help out when he or she comes home. Then, wait for them to call you. Just pop them a message to say you’re available and wait patiently for that invite. New parents are likely exhausted and overwhelmed.

2. Keep the invite when you get it.

When the parents do send you a date and time to visit, be there. Don’t make them wait for you when they could be grabbing a quick shower or nap instead. Also, you don’t want to be late and risk interrupting a sleeping new born baby. When you do get there, send a text or knock softly to let them know you are there. Also, be sure to bring along a baby hamper of essentials for the new parents from

3. Be prepared for the visit.

Be clean and ready to visit the new addition. If you have the sniffles or are feeling unwell, rather postpone. Otherwise, make sure you have clean hair and no cigarette smoke on your clothes.

4. Do something once you are there.

Give the bathroom a wipe down, wash the dishes, fold some laundry, take out the garbage – just do something to help the new parents. It’s the best thing you can do! Chances are the parents will decline if you offer to help – they’re just being polite. Any help is sure to be appreciated.

5. Be patient, calm and quiet.

We know you want to swoosh in and scoop baby up for cuddles. But, he or she may be fast asleep. New moms are also not that keen on letting anyone hold their new bundle of joy. Be a good, patient and calm guest and you’ll get your chance to cuddle baby soon enough.

6. Let the mother share her birth story.

If the mother wants to tell you about the birth, let her. And genuinely listen. Don’t pry. If she doesn’t want to share, and you don’t feel like offering your own birth story if you have one, leave it be.

7. Leave young kids at home.

You can’t expect your little ones to keep to themselves and be quiet, so rather leave them at home until the baby is a little older.

8. Leave when it’s time to.

Don’t over stay your welcome. Half an hour is a good benchmark unless the mother asks you to stay for longer. Make up something you need to go and do and let yourself out. In fact, if the parents seem exhausted, just drop off your gift and go home.

9. Don’t offer advice unless it is asked for.

This is important. When it comes to giving a new mother advice , tread very lightly.

Of course, not every suggestion we have included here will be a good fit for each situation. Take what feels right and go with your gut, but do let the parents take the lead. 

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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