Here’s how this works: take a deep breath and calm your thoughts. Look at the image below and decide which card (or cards) you are drawn to. I usually just pick one, but it’s ok to pick two – or even more if you feel like it! Once you’ve chosen your card, scroll down and take a look at the photo and write-up to see which your card was, and what it means.


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I have a few other oracle card decks so I might start doing weekly readings with those in time as well. The deck I am using today, I’ve had for eighteen months but until recently had only used them for myself and the occasional visitor. 

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Here are this week’s cards:


1. Ground Yourself.

When you detach from awareness of your body and the physical world, you become ungrounded. Although it’s pleasant to float heavanward, your attention and work are needed upon the earth. We’re helping you balance the spiritual and material so that you ocan enjoy a fulfilling Earthly life.

This card has come up because you’ve been floating above the ground a little lately, and you need to ground yourself. You can do this by walking barefoot on grass or soil or by eating foods that are grown in the earth. If you are able to get outside and walk barefoot, it will help you to connect to the earth and to pick up electrons from the earth’s surface which will help you to feel more calm and peaceful. Grounding yourself will help you to focus and to concentrate on the task in hand, whatever that may be. 

2. See Only Love.

Look past the seeming errors, mistakes and misunderstandings, and see only the love within each person (including yourself). Your resolute focus upon the love that underlies every situation brings about healing in undreamed-of ways.

This card is really about not judging anyone, including yourself. It’s about looking at each person and seeing that they are really just doing the best they can with what they have. Try to see only love in and around them – and in and around yourself. If you struggle with this, try imagining them as a small child and have compassion for them. When you focus on love everything else becomes obsolete. Try to remind yourself of this regularly throughout the day, and remember that this applies to everyone – including yourself, and including that one person who really irritates you – in fact, especially including that person!

3. Time to go.

The sun sets and rises each day, and it’s th esame with the avenues in your life. See the beauty within each sunset in your life, and knowo that the sun will also rise again tomorrow. Endings are merely the start of a new beginning, and we are with you through each phase and cycle.

Something in your life needs to come to an end; you probably already know this, and you probably know deep down that it is time to walk away from it. We often resist leaving people or situations because we are fearful of what might come next. This card is here to help you to accept what you already know to be true. Try not to fall pray to guilt or other negative emotions; your moving on is what is right not only for you but for the other person or people involved. In time they will come to know this too.

4. Acceptance.

See yourself and others through the eyes of the angels, with unconditional love and acceptance. In this way, you inspire and lift everyone to their highest potential.

This card is all about relationships, both with other people and with ourselves. We all need to strive for acceptance – not for others to accept us, but to accept ourselves, and to accept other people exactly as they and we are. It is so easy to judge someone for the way they look or act or something they’ve said or done. Society seems to encourage this sort of thing. But this approach serves only to separate us from each other and from our own inner knowledge and strength. This card has come up for you because you are holding yourself back with your judgement of yourself and others. Try to accept the present situation exactly as it is, and work from there rather than judging people or situations.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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