Friday was National Nail Polish Day, and to celebrate we were sent a Num Noms Nail Polish Maker to try out and have our own fun with nail polish.


As you can probably imagine, S was beyond excited to get cracking with this. She loves Num Noms; she loves nail polish; she loves making things. She was not disappointed! The set comes with everything you need to make 3 pots of your very own glitter nail varnish (nums) and one nom to go over the top,  as well as some fake nails and decals, and a little salon to paint your own nails. 


To make your own nail polish, the first thing you do is squeeze some glitter into your empty pot. S found this a little tricky on her own, so I helped her with it.


The next step is to choose your flavour. You can choose from banana, strawberry and blueberry. S chose blueberry, and we squeezed a few drops of the colour/flavour into the pot. 


Finally, you add your “milk” – the nail polish base. S found this quite tricky to do but we got there in the end! 

These bottles come with clever lids which you just need to twist open slightly; you twist them closed again afterwards and it makes the whole process really easy. I did find with the base that when I turned the nozzle to close it, a last little bit of base squirted out of the end though – so it’s useful to have a tissue handy!


Once your bottle is filled to the bow, you place it in the mixer and turn the handle for a minute to mix in the glitter and the flavour. I think we may have slightly over-filled our bottle which meant it was tricky to get it mixing, but it was fun to watch the colours begin to merge together. I like that this part is included in the design rather than just telling you to shake the bottle to mix it. It was possibly the most fun part for S to watch the colours mix.



Once you’ve mixed your nail polish, of course you want to get on and try it out! Luckily, the other side of the nail polish cafe is a salon! The “donut table” and two stools fix onto the base so that they won’t fall over, and you can place your fingers on the stools for easy painting. 

The donut table also holds some cute little fake nails, which you can paint while they’re on there (to avoid little wriggly fingers). One thing that I found quite irritating (S found it amusing) is that the top of the donut table comes off, so that you can store spare nails inside of it – which is great, except that as you can see from the picture here, there is a wiggly line where the pink icing meets the brown donut. This means that when you’ve taken the top off, you have to line up the pattern exactly for it to fit – so it can take a couple of minutes of patiently turning the top to make it fit on properly. And then you knock it off again because you’re a bit clumsy.

S absolutely loves this and is looking forward to painting her nails lots. My only criticism of the set is that you get a lot of the ingredients (especially the flavours) but only three empty pots. And I think even if you painted your nails every day it would take a while to empty a pot so that you could start the process again! That said, the set is cafe themed, and S already has lots of other Num Noms and a couple of nail varnishes – so she can play with it even if she’s not using it to make more nail varnish!


Note: we were provided with these toys for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are our own.

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