S is very into the whole beauty thing, and she’s most disappointed that her mother is mostly not! She loves to wear nail varnish; she’ll spend ages putting together her outfits in the mornings, and even longer brushing her hair so that it looks just right. She was very pleased then when she was sent a Nail-a-Peel set to celebrate Beauticians’ Day – which is today.


The set comes with three tubes of nail decorating gel, and a tub of silver nail decorations. We immediately set to work beautifying each other!

What I love about this set is the attentionto detail: the nail gels each come with their own stand, so that you don’t have to lay them down and risk trailing brightly coloured gel everywhere! 

The set comes with a circle of fake nails which you can decorate before sticking onto your own nails – much easier than trying to decorate your nails while they are attached to your hands! 

S is still very much a novice at this sort of thing, so we squeezed the gel out into the middle of the circle and she used one of the brushes provided to paint the nails – before adding designs on top using different coloured gels and the decals provided.

It was very serious work! After a few tries she got the hang of squeezing the gel a little more and had a go at adding some decoration to a nail.

This involved using the tweezers provided to pick up the tiny decals and place them on her nail. I was surprised at how well she managed this to be honest – she did better than me!

After this we moved on to a team effort with my nails. We weren’t terribly adventurous; the set comes with a sheet filled with amazing designs you can try out but this is what we ended up with:

I was fairly pleased with it!

The set also comes with a tray of moulds which you can use to create your own tiny decals to go onto your nails.

To do this you squeeze the gel into the tray and use the squeegee provided to make sure it has a flat surface. Then you leave your gel to dry before taking it out of the tray and using a little extra gel to stick it to your nail.

This part was a little fiddly for S, but she gave it a good go and her decals turned out reasonably well! It’s worth noting that S is only 6, and Nail-a-Peel sets are actually aimed at children aged 8+ so an older child would probably have less trouble with the more fiddly elements of it.

What’s great about this product is that it’s gel rather than nail varnish – so it doesn’t make a mess everywhere. It is sticky, but it’s easily removed with a baby wipe so you don’t need to panic about it ruining your tables! I was really surprised that although the nails we did on my hand stayed on quite well, they also peeled off very easily without much trouble at all.

We are looking forward to the summer holidays when S can create fantastic new nail designs every single day!

Note: we were provided with these toys for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are our own.

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