Many people might think that moms have it easy, as we have a comfortable monthly budget to work with, spend our afternoons drinking tea with our friends while catching up on the latest happenings on the grapevine, and keep ourselves pampered with manicures, pedicures, massages and spa treatments on a regular basis. I beg to differ: it is a constant act of balance, juggling between personal time, work, chores, the husband and children’s needs (if any), and of course, a million other things to do due to our multi-tasking capability. I find that a hobby is a great way to destress, and have picked up quilting to help occupy my spare time while mastering a skill that looks set to be lost generations down the road.

Why do I like to quilt? Apart from keeping boredom away, I also find it therapeutic in nature. There is something special about repeating the same motion with needle and wool (or other quilting material of my choice), transferring a pattern from my mind onto the piece of quilted clothing, resulting in a masterpiece that I can truly call my own. It might not be on par with the Sistine Chapel or everything else that you see in The Louvre, but when it comes from the heart, it is a truly unique piece of artwork that cannot be found anywhere else.

Quilting is great to help get those creative juices flowing, and I look forward to the day when I am able to master this skill to where I can continue my quilting while watching my favorite TV series without having to suffer from needle pricks to the tips of my fingers. It is also a new adventure each time I have to go out and pick a fabric from my favorite store that will suit the final item that I have in mind, while allowing me to connect with other people who have a similar interest.

Since I am terrible at picking out gifts for family and friends, I figured out that quilting would be one of the best ways to give customized gifts to those whom I hold close and dear to my heart. There is nothing that says “I treasure you” or “I love you” more than a hand-made gift, although I do make sure that what I quilt does not end up the Christmas jumper Mark Darcy received in Bridget Jones’s Diary.

I find that quilting does add a far more personal touch to my home as well, since I can always have customized blankets, pillow cases, comforters, and even dining table overlays that reflect my imagination and personal style. This is a far better and more economical method to spruce up my home according to my taste, as opposed to purchasing overpriced decorations that are mass manufactured.

I do hope that I have managed to encourage my dear readers to pick up quilting as a hobby which might perhaps grow to become a booming home-based enterprise down the road. Do click here for more information if you’d like to start quilting, and I would be more than happy to help get you started.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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