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Celebrating National Sandwich Week with Num Noms

This week from May 20th to 26th is National Sandwich Week, and to celebrate we were sent some fun bits and bobs from Num Noms. 


S was very excited to be let loose with the sandwich fillings, to make her own fun sandwiches. Unsurprisingly, out of everything she could have chosen, she chose to make jam sandwiches. We used biscuit cutters to cut the bread into fun shapes, and she set about spreading the jam.


Of course, when you’re making Num Noms sandwiches they can’t just be sandwiches – they need to be different shapes… and to have eyes! S had great fun putting together her creations… and perhaps eating bits of them as we went along too!


Never underestimate how much fun there is to be had from making sandwiches and playing with num noms; S was at this for quite a while – and that was before she’d even sat down to eat her creations!


S is a big fan of Num Noms, and is very excited to add these ones to her ever-growing collection. She loves to sit down and tick them off on her collector’s guide, and to stack them up in all sorts of weird and wonderful combinations.

NB We were provided with Num Noms and sandwich making paraphernalia for the purposes of this post but all words and opinions are our own.

Thanks for reading.

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