Edible arrangements make a unique gift for loved ones on birthdays and other special holidays. They make a unique alternative for people who don’t like flowers, and they can be made to suit specific tastes and preferences to make them even more special for your loved ones. If you’re thinking about gifting an edible arrangement to someone, this article offers some ideas to help you save money while at it.

1. Go to Online Coupon Sites

There are dozens of online coupon sites where you can get discount codes for edible arrangements. These are especially common just before special holidays (Valentine’s, Mothers or Fathers’ Days.) and during holiday seasons (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.). Bear in mind that on some months, it’s easier to get these codes than other months, and you may have to try multiple codes before you get a working one. In addition, pay close attention to expiry dates to ensure you take advantage of offers before they run out.

2. Join Company Mailing Lists

Most edible arrangement companies will provide a special deal when you sign up to be on their mailing list. Different deals are available at different times of the year, and being on the mailing list means you’ll be informed about future deals which you can take advantage of. Once you sign up, check your spam or trash box from time to time, as promotional messages may be sent there before you whitelist that company’s email.

3. Watch Out for Shop Sales

Many companies offer deals for periods when sales are high, as they can beat the competition and reach out to new consumers without severely impacting their profit margins. Watch out for television commercials or shop banners announcing sales, usually during the special holidays mentioned above. Have a pen and paper or phone handy to jot down any codes displayed and their expiration dates.Some companies allow a number of weeks or months before a coupon expires, so you can actually buy during the sale and use it when your loved one’s birthday comes around. If this isn’t possible, you can send them an early gift, which shows that you’re thinking of them way in advance.

4. Ask about Free Shipping

Fruit arrangement companies routinely offer free delivery services within a certain radius. Therefore, try to select a shop that’s located as close as possible to your loved one. This is important because edible arrangements have a limited freshness lifespan, just like flowers. If you’re not within free-delivery distance, wait until the company/site announces a free-shipping offer to make your order.

5. Order in Advance

This especially applies when you’re ordering during special holidays that have high demands. During these times, you can expect price hikes and overloaded delivery schedules. You can purchase your arrangement in advance and save it on the calendar to be delivered during that holiday. You can pick a time when there’s a deal and schedule deliveries for different times according to your special occasions’ calendar.


Fruit arrangements are a sweet and healthy way to tell your loved ones that you love them and are thinking of them. They are fast replacing flowers as a go-to gift option. With these money-saving tips, you don’t need to wait for a special day to express your feelings. Send them a “Just because” fruit bouquet on a random day to make them feel extra-special without killing your wallet. Alternatively, you can wow your party guests by switching up from the normal fruit platters to edible arrangements of fruits in season.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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