This month is National Pet Month, and to celebrate S was sent one of these LOL Surprise! Surprise Pets for review.

S loves LOL Surprise, but she’s never had a Pet Surprise before; she was quite excited! It came with a set of pet themed cookie cutters and chocolate lollipops – which was quite exciting. We’re planning to make doggie biscuits this weekend!


S is mad about animals, especially dogs. The cookie cutters alone were enough to get her all excited! 

LOL Surprise! Surprise Pets are similar to the dolls in that they come with several layers, each revealing a surprise. There are seven surprises in total.


S loves the layers of surprises in these, and the Surprise Pet was no exception.


She loves that she’s able to open the layers all by herself now – she’s become something of a pro!


Once the case is open, there are bags to open and – of course – a collectors’ guide!


I’m always surprised by how much S savours this part of opening something like this; I would expect her to just open everything really quickly but she likes to open each thing and really look at it.


Of course, once you’ve opened the star of the show, you have to check their name on the collectors’ guide! S was delighted with her pet and all of its accessories. What’s especially great about this toy is that it comes with its own litter tray! 


I just about managed to take this photo, before S whipped away her pet and its accessories and litter tray to meet her LOL dolls upstairs – and of course, to put all of them in the bathroom sink and investigate what they do once they’re put in cold water!


There are 35 Surprise Pets to collect; S is already looking forward to getting another pet to add to her LOL family. My bathroom may never be my own again!

NB we were sent this toy for the purposes of review, but all words and pictures are our own.

Thanks for reading.

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Vicky Charles

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