When it comes to home improvement I am far from an expert – but I do like to think of myself as something of an armchair expert. By this, I mean that I sit and watch lots of home improvement-based TV shows and even read magazines on the subject, all the while taking very little action to actually improve my own home!

One thing I’ve noticed popping up a lot both in TV shows and magazines lately is window shutters. I always think window shutters give a house a lovely look, and they can be great not only for sprucing up the look of your home but also providing added security, insulation and more.

Here are eight reasons to instal window shutters:

  1. Warmth. As well as looking good, window shutters are a great way of keeping the heat in during the winter months. Interior shutters can insulate a room in both hot and cold weather, helping to keep the internal temperature comfortable for you. Well fitted custom window shutters can keep out direct sunlight during the summer, keeping the room cooler. In the winter they can block any leaky windows and frames – ideal for homes without double glazing. In fact, studies have shown that window shutters can keep your room as warm as curtains can and this is great for keeping the heating bills down too, and environmentally friendly to boot. 
  2. Privacy. I hate net curtains, but with windows facing directly onto the street it’s a case of needs must, and we have ended up having to purchase nets. Lots of people end up buying net curtains for privacy either from people on the street outside, or even from the house opposite. Window shutters are a much more stylish way of affording oneself this privacy. The slats in window shutters still allow light into the room, but it would be hard for anyone outside to see through those gaps. I love the idea of a more up-to-date way of covering windows that looks a lot more stylish than drab net curtains which always either shrink or go grey in the wash and have never looked modern or stylish!
  3. Low maintenance. I’m a low maintenance kind of gal if I’m honest – I’m not a big fan of housework and do it as little as possible! Window shutters really don’t require much maintenance at all. Curtains often require careful washing or dry cleaning; venetian blinds are just a torture all of their own. Shutters on the other hand just need a wipe down with a damp cloth every now and then. Wooden shutters are a great option for anyone who suffers with allergies because they are so quick and easy to clean.
  4. Easy to update the look. When you want to change the look of a room with curtains or a blind, you usually end up buying new ones – and with a blind especially, that can mean a lot of extra work in terms of fitting it. If you have a set of wooden shutters in place of curtains, you can simply repaint them in a different colour. Alternatively, having natural wooden shutters means this design will fit in nicely with any colour scheme old or new.
  5. Keep the noise out. As well as thermal insulation, window shutters can provide sound insulation, keeping out noises from outside. This is great for anyone who lives near a main road or perhaps close to a railway line.
  6. Light control. With shutters you can easily control the amount of light coming into a room, moving the louvers according to your requirements. This is great for rooms like a conservatory, where there might be too much light coming in from time to time. Alternatively, keeping shutters open allows you to fill your room with light, helping to give the illusion of more space.
  7. Versatility. The beauty of window shutters is that they can be tailored to fit any window, whatever the shape or size. This is great news for people with old houses whose windows do not conform to the standard sizes or shapes!
  8. Something a little different. Window shutters are not something you see in every home, and I like the idea of having something a little different. The beauty of window shutters is that they can look completely different in every home, so even if everyone on your street has shutters, they can look unique in each home and you can still avoid the old “my aunt has those cutains” situation.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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