Find out how to use social networks to find work and what you should pay attention to when registering an account in a social network.

The role of social networks in finding the job 

Even 5 years ago, the employer received only that information about the applicant, which he wanted to give him in the resume. Today, everything has changed, we are all in open, not only to potential employers, but also to strangers who know our name and surname. The main source of public information about us are social networks.

In July 2013, Facebook registered 1.3 billion people. There is even a special network for professional contacts LinkedIn.

By their structure, accounts on social networks resemble school questionnaires with questions such as “when you were born” and “what your favorite color is.” But they have also more interesting information. For example, it reflects the circle of friends, the interests of a person, his photos from everyday life, etc. On the profile in social networks, even an ordinary person can draw definite conclusions about us, not to mention an experienced HR specialist. And this is of great benefit – if your candidacy is not suitable for the company in terms of personal qualities, you will save your time and the time of the failed colleagues by not qualifying. And your personal qualities will be shown in your Facebook account, if you are, of course, honest with yourself and with others on the internet.

At a minimum, an HR specialist will be convinced of your literacy. If he sees a large number of friends, he will realize that you are a communicable and pleasant person who likes to be around people. In addition, the HR specialist will appreciate the scope of your interests and hobbies, learn how you spend leisure time, and other things you do.

Things to pay attention to in your profile when looking for a job

According to the do my paper for money service, these are the things you should pay attention to in your social network profile when looking for a job:

  • You should have at least one account in social networks. At least one, at least in one of them, at least the closed one, and purely formal. With such penetration of social networks into our lives, the absence of at least one account will cause the question “Why is that so?”.
  • Avatar. When looking for a job, upload a realistic photo where you are alone and your face is shown close-up. The avatar usually reflects the things that are the most important to you in this period of life. So be careful.
  • Photos. The fact that it’s better not to post in public a photo in a negligee and the one where you’re drunk is obvious. Please note that some HRs look through the photos and analyze your hobbies and habits according to them.
  • Reposts. What you share in networks, characterizes you much more eloquently than your interests. There is nothing to advise, do not abuse schemes for knitting, fashion cars and recipes.

The best measure of the quality of posts in networks is universal and applies to people of any gender and age – never write on your wall what you would hesitate to show to your loved ones.

This applies to stupid dummy statuses, and indecent photos after the party (or at the time), and numerous recipes a certain dish.

What’s left on the internet can’t be erased, and when you become an important employer, the search for compromising information and impartial information will be facilitated by social networks very much. Start working on your reputation today.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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