Buying a mattress for your baby is a decision that should be preceded by research to ensure you buy the best type of mattress. With many brands fronting as the best, it could get confusing to know which mattress to pick for your baby. The mattress you choose for your baby should offer both protection and comfort, so make sure your baby does not get aches because of sleeping in the wrong posture. Here are the key factors you should consider when choosing a mattress for your baby.

Firmness index

Choosing the wrong firmness index could predispose your baby to physical hazards like SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or suffocation because of the low quality extreme softness. As you will learn from ChooseMattress, one way to check the firmness index of the mattress is by applying pressure on the mattress using your palm then releasing to see how it recovers. If it takes long to recover, it could be the wrong choice for your baby and might pose a risk. Make sure to choose a mattress that recovers in seconds after applying the pressure.

Good breathability

Babies sleep in all directions and it is only wise to get a mattress with perfect breathability to ensure whichever side the baby places her head there will be no risk. It should come with vents for adequate circulation of air in its structure. A ventilated mattress smells fresh even if the baby soaks it many times. It is also easier to clean and does not pose a risk of bacterial growth that might eventually harm the baby. So, ensure to confirm that the mattress has vent-like openings that will allow smooth flow of air.

Machine washability

You will also agree that as a single mother you will need to save time as you have a lot of things to do including caring for your baby. It’s common that the baby will soil the mattress occasionally and sometimes diapers may not be 100% protective. With a mattress that can be washed using a machine, you can save time by ensuring you clean the mattress with a machine. Choose brands that factor in machine washability as you don’t want to keep your baby on a mattress that does not offer the required levels of hygiene.

Sizing and fitting

Buying an ill-fitting mattress for your baby is highly discouraged as this could result in accidental entrapment if the mattress is smaller than the required size. Think about when your baby accidentally wedges their leg or arm between the crib’s frame and beddings. This could lead to injuries. Also when the mattress is bigger it could inconvenience you when changing sheets, so consider getting a perfectly-fitting mattress for your baby and you will have no problems.

When out to buy a mattress for your baby, you need to have in mind the safety of the baby as well as the convenience of having the mattress. Look for a mattress that is of correct sizing and designed to offer the comfort your baby needs to enjoy good sleep. Buy from brands with trusted reviews for the best results. In fact, there are quite a few top brands of organic mattresses that can help ensure your baby has a healthy, chemical-free sleep.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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