Presenting the commercial space in an out-of-the-box manner is of utmost importance in the business world. This can be beautifully done by landscaping of the exterior and interior as landscaping is the only way to make a space charming and captivating.  Stepping into a place with well-cared landscape all over, induce positive attitude and creativity in the minds of the people visiting the place.

Landscaping is an art in itself, and for embellishing any commercial place with green products; nothing can match the amazing beauty of the topiary trees artificial that come in various styles like hedges, mats, screens, green walls, boxwood, animal forms, letters, signage, etc. Coming in standard bases, these can be installed anywhere in a commercial complex for taking the landscape aplomb to a very high level for standing out of the competition. Whether you are reinventing a large corporate house, a government office complex, shopping arcade, hall of an art gallery, luxury hotel reception, the artificial topiaries can make your customers and guests spellbound with their magnificent presence. No matter, if you use those for your outdoor or indoor landscaping projects, these will deliver a glam ambiance with their classy look and help spread positive vibes in the setting.

Here are few points why the artificial boxwood topiaries are the heartthrob of the designers and owners as well.

A reckoning force for landscaping

The artificial topiaries including the topiary frames ball have ushered a radical change in commercial landscaping. These are available in many shapes and styles for adorning a wide variety of commercial interiors and exteriors. Animal forms of topiaries are the best fit for revamping the theme parks and amusement parks. Those can be tailored to the exact requirements to make any commercial place look great and welcoming.

Plethora of varieties

The artificial topiaries are available in many standard shapes such as balls, cones, and spirals. If required, you can also get those in shapes of animals, characters and as themed art topiaries. There is no size restriction; you can get those customized to suit your space. These also let you choose from a wide range of realistic leaves. For green wall detail, you may choose anything from azalea, juniper, pruning ivy hedge, green pearl grass, etc.


Available for all applications

Whether you wish to use these fake botanical elements for revamping your exterior or interior landscape, it can be done smoothly. These products are also available for temporary and permanent installation and also for single and multiple uses letting you enough scope of fulfilling your landscaping dreams.

You can choose from galore of hues

There are wide varieties of shades down the sleeves of the artificial topiaries. You can explore all shades from light to dark green and can also combine different colors for making your landscaping project one-of-a-kind. This is the reason why people are crazy about using these unique items for commercial landscaping where perfection is the essence of all.

Can be placed in any corner of the setting

Since the replicated topiaries are independent of soil, water, sun rays, etc, these provide infinite latitude to install those at any corner of the professional space. Other than installing in outdoors, you can place them in the welcoming areas, staircase landings and even in underground rooms.

Perfect replication of nature

The artificial topiary is crafted by a team of professionals including botanists, designers, engineers and project managers. Every minute details are given due consideration while manufacturing the fake topiaries. These are also made form high-quality plastic materials and color pigments and are exact replications of their natural cousins. They are so akin that none can distinguish them from natural topiaries visually.

Need not worry about fading

The great thing about these artificial topiaries is that these are manufactured using the unique PermaLeaf technology. Special fade resistant chemicals are added to the products during their manufacturing process making them inert to the harsh effect of the UV rays present in the sunlight. Thus, you can install the topiaries in your outdoors and simply forget, as they will never turn yellowish.

They do not flame

Fire safety is a prime concern in all landscaping projects. These artificial topiaries are manufactured using innovative ThermaLeaf technologies. Special fire retardant chemical is infused into the foliage during the manufacturing process, through injection molding. As these are not sprayed, there is no chance of washing out, and these fake topiaries never catch fire. Moreover, these conform to the state fire safety requirements and hence absolutely safe to use.

Delights clients and customers

The fake topiaries have earned a great popularity in commercial landscaping due to their capacity to delight the clients, customers, and visitors. With their perfectly engineered shape and lush green look, these mesmerize everyone around. Even, the passersby have to stop and have a glance when your outdoor is adorned with the shaped topiaries. The endless options available combine greenery and grandeur for making a very good first impression.

There are other beneficial qualities too

Other than the above, there are other advantages of the fake topiaries making those the hottest choice for commercial exteriors and interiors. These deliver a lush green look influencing the people around with a sense of being close to nature.

  • No maintenance issues.
  • Pests are not attracted and hence no chance of insect attacks.
  • Do not cause any pollen allergy.
  • Withstand extreme climatic change.
  • Easily installable.
  • Keep their shine for long.
  • Cost effective option.

Ultimate landscaping choice

The fake topiaries are, in fact, the emperor of the dynasty of the mimic botanical items. Installing those in your professional space makes it positive and charming. Their perfect lifelike appearance made them a hot favorite. Moreover, these are also easy to procure.


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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