It looks like we’re planning on staying in this house for a while, and you may have noticed I’ve been posting a little more about interiors and home stuff lately. When we moved to this house, my plan was that we would stay here at least until S finishes primary school. So realistically, barring any major issues we will be here for at least another five years. Since we’ve been here it has felt a bit temporary, as if we’ve just moved in – which is not a great way to spend an entire year! I’ve decided it’s time to get my act together and make our house into more of a home.

One of the main areas of concern is S’s bedroom. At the moment it’s basically a box painted magnolia with three shelves on one wall. Boring! I’ve been researching ways to personalise the room a little, without breaking the bank and I was thinking we might opt for a Disney theme – since she does seem to love Disney characters (not only their version of Peter Pan!)

Here are three ways to create a DIY Disney bedroom:

  1. Wall decals. Although I’ve just said we need to personalise our home a bit, I am also acutely aware that this is a rented property and when we do move out, we will have to “put it back as we found it” – which means that if we painted the walls bright colours, we would have to go out and buy a job lot of magnolia paint before moving out. A great way around this is with those vinyl wall stickers. They’re easily removable (as I know from moving out of our last home and having to take a wall-full of stickers down), but they do a great job of personalising a room. You can get some great wall decals of loads of different Disney characters, so this seems like a good place to start.
  2. Decorate furniture. S’s wardrobe is plain white and pink at the moment, so we’re looking at decorating it perhaps with vinyl stickers again or even painting it. Her bed is a different matter though; it’s falling apart so if we’re redecorating her room now seems like a good time to replace the bed. I’ve been eyeing up a cabin bed with a tent from online retailer Childrens Bed Shop which looks ideal for Disney-related escapades. Since S is somewhat obsessed by Peter Pan I’m thinking we could make the bed/tent into a Wendy house for her!
  3. Create themed storage. I’m thinking about buying a large, plain wooden toy chest and using some stencils to paint on some Disney characters. I suppose we could also make use of the vinyl stickers again, but I get the feeling they might not last too long on a toy box! At the moment the storage S has in her room is a mish-mash of bits we’ve acquired over the years but I like the idea of replacing it with storage boxes and shelving that will fit in with the new Disney theme. She has a shelving unit which we can give a lick of paint and then either use decals or stencils to add a Disney print.

I’m getting quite into this whole “interiors” thing. I can’t guarantee we’ll have a Pinterest-worthy home when we’re done, but it will definitely look more like our place when we’re finished!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Eve W. · 16/04/2018 at 15:11

That’s a great idea! Wish you luck with the personalising of your home.

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