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Happy Num Noms Easter!

This week has been tough! The clocks went forward last weekend, and since then both S and I have really struggled with getting ourselves up in the mornings. All week we’ve been counting down how many days until the holidays began, and today we had a lovely, lazy lie-in. S didn’t know it, but last week we received a parcel filled with Num Noms Easter goodies – and I had planned to fill today with all sorts of fun Easter crafts.

S is a massive fan of anything even vaguely creative, so I knew this would be a big hit with her.


First she painted Easter eggs, which was way more exciting than I expected! We hung them on hooks above the fireplace to dry – which I think is a good place for them to stay to be honest; they look pretty good!


The photo doesn’t show it well, but she painted an Easter bunny onto the yellow egg, in yellow paint. So a ninja Easter bunny in disguise. She was very pleased with herself!

Next we moved onto decorating card Easter eggs for Easter bunting. I sat down to join S with this and we had a lovely time decorating the eggs together. There was a lot of glitter glue involved; we had to put the eggs on the radiator to try and dry the glue out a bit before we made the bunting!


Whilst the bunting was drying out, we had something super fun to do: a Num Noms Easter hunt! We had also been sent a set of Num Noms ready for a fun Easter hunt, so while S was upstairs trying to wash the glitter glue off her hands (and face!) I hid some Num Noms around the dining room for her to find.


I thought she would give up on trying to find them, but with a couple of clever clues S kept on until she had found all of them, and neatly wrote their names on her game sheet.


S was really pleased with her Num Noms; she was even more pleased when I presented her with a Num Noms mystery pack as her prize!



I’m thinking tomorrow we might have a go at making some of this…

NB We were provided with Num Noms and craft materials for the purposes of producing this blog. All words and opinions are our own.

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