There is a great awakening leading to the realization that all people should remain fit. For athletes and bodybuilders, fitness is their path, and they have no other option. Using legit steroids like clenbuterol also makes their fitness goals easy to achieve. Mums with young kids are not left behind since they have found a new twist on staying fit. According to Joyce Suba, a seasoned fitness club manager, the need to stay fit after giving birth is the main force behind this. So, how are these baby-wearing mums keeping up with fitness?

The Baby-Wearing Trend

We all know that baby-wearing was popular in the 70s and 80s. However, the trend is coming back after people realized that it increases the bond between the mother and the child. Asian countries are on the front line to bring the trend back, and other parts of the world are following closely.

Incorporating this trend with fitness is now a common practice. Most fitness centers allow the mothers to bring their kids to the gym. In fact, they have a series of fitness activities that can be done while the mum is carrying the baby. As a mum, choosing a comfortable baby carrier is very crucial for the comfort of both you and the baby.

Workouts for Baby-Wearing Mums

The need to get a pre-pregnancy body back has pushed fitness experts to come up with exercises that allow mums to participate. What is more, they do so while wearing their babies in specially designed carrying pouches. That said, the types of exercises must be moderate to avoid tiring the baby. At the same time, the exercises should have an effect on the mums. Here are the popular ones you should know.

  •         Yoga – this is an elaborate type of exercise. The fitness instructor can choose moderate moves that will allow mums to participate while carrying their babies. What makes it even better is that the weight of the baby enhances effectiveness. Most yoga moves focus on the core and tummy muscles, which seem to be a concern for most women. The mums perform the yoga in a group to encourage each other.
  •         Jazz – nothing can be more interesting than dancing for fitness. The mums will not only have fun with their babies but also burn more calories than they think. Jazz dancing is moderate yet effective when used as a fitness activity. According to Joyce, a jazz session is as good as jogging for some miles along the beach. It is great for cardio and physical fitness as well.
  •         Ballet – moderate ballet moves are also incorporated for baby-wearing mums in some fitness clubs across Asia and Europe. These rhythmical steps are not only interesting but quite effective for mums. The baby adds weight, and mums can benefit from the increased resistance of the exercise.


Most mums who have not participated in any of these baby-wearing fitness classes are concerned with the safety of their babies. However, the exercises are very moderate and have no negative effect on the baby. Mums are also advised to use a comfortable baby carrier and observe the reactions of the baby to make sure that she or he is comfortable. This is an activity worth trying for all baby-wearing mums.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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