If there’s one thing we’ve been excited about lately, it’s pancake day… OK, well the excitement was mostly my own – I do love a good pancake! S joined in with the excitement though, when she realised we were having our very own Num Noms Pancake Day Challenge. She loves Num Noms like I love pancakes, you see.

Our pack arrived from Num Noms HQ, containing everything we needed to make and decorate some amazing pancakes – so we set about creating our masterpieces.


S took the business of mixing the pancake batter very seriously, as you can see! Once the pancake batter was thoroughly mixed, we set about making some pancakes. 


S helped to make heart-shaped pancakes. If you thought flipping a normal, round pancake was difficult, you don’t even want to attempt one of these! In the end I realised flipping them was not the way forward, and used a knife to carefully turn them instead. The good news is an excited five-year-old with a full jar of Nutella and a spoon in front of her does not much care what shape her pancake is.


These are the toppings we set out for decorating our pancakes. There was some lemon juice available also, but apparently that “must have been a mistake” because “lemon juice doesn’t go on pancakes; it’s yucky” (I put it away for some special Mummy pancakes later)

S took her pancake decorating very seriously indeed; everything had to be done just perfectly. It was quite fun to watch actually – the only down side was that I was kept so busy producing pancakes for her artistic creations, I didn’t get to decorate many myself! Not that it matters; it was a safe bet who would come out on top when it came to the judging stage of the event…


Taste testing is of course the most important part of any pancake challenge… S was the judge. 


Yep, she won! Are you surprised? Well, to be fair she did put in the most effort and attention to detail when it came to decorating her creations! Once she’d finished eating her pancakes and celebrating her victory, S was in need of a quiet sit-down. Something to do with having a bit of a tummy ache from all that Nutella or something. Luckily we had also been sent some cool Num Noms to play with; the perfect thing to enjoy while we waited for our pancakes to go down…


This is a… er… a Num. Or perhaps a Nom. Heck, it’s a ring and it lights up and S loves it. I’ll admit it is pretty cool. S has a real thing about anything that lights up – I think most children her age do, to be fair. 


This is Num Noms nail varnish, which smells like banana Chewitts (remember those?!) and washes off without any hassle. I’m the meanest mum in the playground and never let S have nail varnish because it seems like more trouble than it’s worth – but I let her have Num Noms nail varnish because I know it comes off without you even noticing it. And this one especially, because it smells amazing. Like my childhood.


Note: we were provided with Num Noms and all pancake materials pictured here for the purposes of this post.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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