If there’s one thing S loves, it’s drawing. She draws the most amazing scenes filled with imaginary characters and ideas. We were delighted then, when she was offered the opportunity to create her very own dream horse. 

We downloaded an outline of a horse because she was worried she wouldn’t be able to draw a horse herself – and then she set about the very serious business of colouring it in. She decided she wanted a “rainbow” horse so we found the brightest colours in her collection and she set to work. It took her a long time to get her design exactly right; she worked on it all afternoon and nobody was allowed to see it until it was finished.

Here is her original design:


We sent the design off, and a few weeks later a parcel arrived… Here’s what happened next:


 As you can see, S was really pleased with her horse. She’s named him Rainbow Dash, and he is her new best friend. He likes to sit next to her when she eats and sometimes he shares her food; apparently he likes to eat everything S likes to eat. When S is not home he likes to “just sit about” and wait for her to come home, which is handy! He doesn’t sleep in bed with her – because he is precious, and she might roll over on him and hurt him. Instead there is a chair next to her bed, which has been moved close to the bed so that he can sit close to her on the satin bag he travelled here in.

The day after he arrived S acquired a balloon dog (called Fishfinger, of course) and the two are now best friends. Fishfinger and Rainbow Dash go everywhere together and have lots of cuddles. They also both watch TV with us, which makes it a bit of a squeeze on the sofa!



Of course, such a precious, unique horse will require Petplan Equine Horse insurance to help make sure he is well looked after in case of any injuries. Rainbow Dash is a treasured member of our family these days, and S is very careful with him – but accidents do happen. If he was a real horse, we’d have insurance to help us make sure we could look after him well, if he was poorly or injured.

Petplan Equine was established in 1976 with a priority of keeping the nation’s horses healthy, and they’re one of only a few equine insurance providers to offer genuine lifetime policies to cover a horse for their whole lives. They also have the Petplan Charitable Trust which has raised more than £7 million to help keep all animals healthy.



This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine, but all words are our own.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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