Christmas Treats for your Horse

We’ve been having fun lately doing our Christmas shopping. I love the atmosphere of wandering around the shops browsing, and now that the Christmas market is open in town it’s even more Christmassy! S and I love to wander around finding gifts for the special people in our lives… and the special animals as well, apparently.

At this time of year lots of people buy gifts for their pets. You can get stockings especially for your cat or dog, and the pet shops are always full of cutesy little toys for them. Even salt licks for a rabbit or random stuff to attach to the bars of a hamster cage… but what about Christmas gifts for your horse?

We’ve a friend with a horse who we visit from time to time; we like to walk down to the field and say hello and maybe bring a treat or two from time to time.  Just lately, with one thing and another, we’ve been visiting Ben the horse a little more often than we would normally. He seems to be on the way to a lot of Birthday parties and events we’ve been attending… or rather, we prefer to walk that way whenever we can!

When it came to listing the presents we wanted to buy for friends and family this year, S listed the usual people: Nana; De Af; Auntie Smooch; Cousin E (people in our family have silly nicknames)… and then I really should not have been surprised when she said she’d like to get a present for next door’s cat, who sometimes wanders around our garden, and for Ben the horse who we visit. Hmm.

A cat is fairly easy to buy for; we can just get a pouch of posh cat food or a cat toy and take it next door. Perhaps some catnip. A horse though – what do you buy for a horse for Christmas? Do horses play with balls of string or what have you? I doubt it… it’s a tricky one isn’t it!

After a fair amount of pondering as to what we could wrap up and give to a horse for Christmas, I realised that actually, the sensible thing to do would be to ask his owner. She suggested we take a look at Spillers, an online horse and feed store which stocks a range of horsey treats.

As a general rule I wouldn’t even consider the idea of buying a Christmas present for a horse; there are quite enough humans requiring presents, thanks very much. But I also know that for people who own horses, they think of them as a member of the family – and so why shouldn’t they have Christmas presents, I suppose. My mother will have a gift under her tree for her pernicious cat, after all! 

And so now, on top of the usual rushing about at Christmas, we will find ourselves donning our Christmas jumpers and heading out to stand in a field to give a Christmas present to a horse. I wonder if he has a tree in his stable for it to go under…

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