3 Ways to Design a Child-Friendly Garden

Do you remember the last time your children played outdoors? According to a new survey, three-quarters of UK children are spending less time outdoors than prison inmates, and a fifth of children don’t go out to play outside at all on an average day. Spending too much time indoors playing with gadgets or watching TV can be detrimental to a child’s health. Apart from being at risk of obesity, a new study has even found that watching too much TV can change the structure of a child’s brain in a negative way. Don’t how to get your kids to go out and play? Try designing a fun garden in your outdoor space. Having an engaging place right in your backyard can encourage your children to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine which they need for their development. Here are a few ways to design a child-friendly garden.

Create areas that encourage free play

A lawn covered in soft grass can encourage free play among youngsters. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic, play games, or even have a weekend of backyard camping. Make sure that the grass that you’ll plant can stand up to heavy foot traffic, and mow the lawn regularly to keep it looking neat and inviting.

Have a few sitting areas for rest and relaxation

Sitting areas around your garden will encourage your child to stay in your outdoor space just a little longer instead of heading indoors to loll on the sofa. You can create a sitting area by grouping wicker furniture on the deck. Make sure to add stone or wooden outdoor benches to different areas of your garden so kids can have a place to rest while enjoying his surroundings. Avoid having glass or steel chairs in the garden as these do not evoke a natural feel. Moreover, these can rust or break and are potential causes of danger.

Add some play equipment

A DIY tire swing, a slide, a sandpit, and a playhouse or tree house can make your garden more fun for your children. Make sure to cover the ground beneath the play equipment with some type of rubber matting or any other soft material to cushion falls. Play equipment should also be regularly cleaned and inspected to make sure that insects or small animals won’t use them as nesting places.

Having a fun backyard can encourage your child to head outdoors and play. Follow these tips to create a child-friendly garden and help your child to live an active lifestyle.

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