I love to print personalised gifts at Christmas; from personalised mugs to calendars to shopping bags, I think something with that personal touch really makes the difference. Just recently I discovered Helloprint and have been enjoying looking through the site at all the different options. 

Photos of S make a good Christmas gift for relatives, especially on a mug; but also a logo or design on a shopping bag makes a good gift. One of the fastest growing websites in Europe, Helloprint has a huge range of products available and each can be printed with your choice of design. Their aim is simple: to make ordering printed products as easy as possible, for everyone from individuals to large corporations. I love that their ethos of being for “everyone, everywhere” really shines through on their website; it’s easy to navigate and find whatever you want. Even printed bedsheets!

I’ve been looking at ordering personalised Christmas cards, and the site is so much easier to use than the site I used last year to print cards. You go through simple steps for choosing the size and finish of your cards, and there’s even a choice on delivery date with the best value option clearly marked. Basket prices are shown both inclusive and exclusive of VAT so that you can clearly see where you stand.

If you’re purchasing print work for your company, there are over 10,000 design templates which you can customise with your own logo. This makes getting printed materials for your business really quick and easy. If you’re not in the mood for designing your own printwork, they have a design studio where you can describe what you want and get a quote for the design work. As well as this, they offer free delivery on all orders which means you won’t be hit with a surprise charge when it comes to paying for your print work.

My favourite part about the site, of course, is the Christmas section. Any website that has its own Christmas section is a winner with me! Here, as well as ordering Christmas cards and gifts for loved ones, you can also order everything a business might need for Christmas: placemats; menus; gift boxes; the list goes on. Basically, anything you might want to get printed with a photo of your pretty face or your professional logo, you’ll find it here. And you won’t pay the earth for it either.

For those who use Kidstart to earn cashback from purchases for your child’s savings, it’s good to know that you can earn cashback from Helloprint too. As well as this, they have a top score on Trustpilot so you can rest assured you’re using a company with a great record for outstanding work and customer service.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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