With Halloween out of the way, we are turning our attention to Christmas – because we love Christmas in our house! This year a couple of our friends have had babies, so we’ve been looking at gifts for them. I like to buy cute clothes for my friends’ children and I’ve been loving these newborn baby girl dresses – mainly because I just think they’re so cute, and now that S is older you can’t always get such cute dresses for her – plus, even if I found a dress like this, there’s no guarantee she would actually wear it. She chooses her own clothes these days!

baby girl dress

I love the cute designs you can get on baby girls’ party dresses these days; they’re so adorable and much nicer than the dresses I had when I was small. When I was a baby there were two options: either lots of ruffles and frills, or weird, rough material.

Here is a photo of S wearing one of my old baby dresses. When I put it on her I couldn’t believe how rough and horrible it was on her skin! The dress has been on a cuddly toy since; it’s a nice keepsake but I can’t believe my parents ever put this thing on me. I think it’s polyester or something. Luckily materials and designs have come a long way since the 1980s!

1980s baby dress

When S was a baby I didn’t put her in dresses very often; I’m not sure why but looking at these is making me wish I had. Now she’s more into fancy dress than actual dresses so it’s a rare occasion that I get to indulge in a spot of dress buying!

This one is so adorable! I remember once when S was small she we were invited to a wedding; I bought about five dresses for her to wear, just because I couldn’t decide between them. 

tartan baby dress

Luckily with several of my friends having baby girls I still have an excuse to buy some adorable dresses for them! With a short sleeved dress you can buy it in a slightly larger size so that they get more wear out of it too. And then, when they grow and it’s too short, you can switch tights for trousers or leggings and make it into a top instead of a dress! We have done this with several of S’s summer dresses to get a little more wear out of them, after a summer growth spurt.

There’s just something about baby clothes that make them irresistible, don’t you think? Possibly the fact that babies aren’t old enough to have a say in the matter, so you can put them in whatever you like. As children grow up they develop their own sense of style, and for me that means S is more likely to wear a Catboy costume than a pretty party dress. I do love her sense of style though; she’s definitely better at putting together an outfit than I am!

Perhaps we should organise a Christmas party, so that we both have an excuse to buy new party dresses…

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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