Regular followers of this blog will remember that I had an operation back in September. It wasn’t much fun, but I’m so glad I had it. My recovery has been fairly tedious as I’ve not been able to do much – but I started physio a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m hoping to start exercising again.

The problem is that I can’t really go mad and start kickboxing or something; I need to start off slowly and gently. Here are the things I’ve been considering…


I do a lot of walking anyway, what with the school run and shopping. It’s fairly easy then to just add a little more walking into my day. On days where I don’t have a lot of work on, I’ve started taking a longer route home from dropping S at school. On weekends as well, S and I like to go out for a long walk together. She has a nature book which lists different types of birds and plants, and she brings it along with her to tick things off as we go. We quite often see the egret on the water meadows, which is always fun – and we stop at the a lovely old pub with views of the Cathedral for a drink before heading home again which breaks the walk up nicely for little legs (and big, unfit ones).


I’ve always wanted to be able to ride a bike places; it’s much more convenient for longer distances than just walking everywhere, and I hate catching the bus. When we lived in a flat though it was just not convenient to own a bike – there was literally nowhere to store it. Now that we’ve moved into a house, and I’ve bought a shed for the garden, we do have somewhere to store a bike – so I’m thinking about buying a bike to use perhaps on the school run or for longer rides. In fact, I’ve been looking at Giant mountain bikes, and considering perhaps going “off road” on some of the paths and droves we have locally.


I had been planning to get a monthly membership at the local leisure centre and swim on a regular basis – but seeing a physio has put a halt to that in the short term. It seems I have “rib flare” or splayed ribs, which is part of the problem that caused the hernia for which I had an operation. Until I’ve resolved that issue, my lovely physio has advised that I shouldn’t do anything that involved arching my back – as this only increases the splay of my ribs. I’m a bit gutted to be honest as I was hoping to do a lot of swimming. Still, this one can be popped on the list for further down the line.

Physio exercises

I’ve been given some fairly simple physio exercises to do, some twice per day and some hourly thorough the day. All of these are not really “exercise” in the form of working out, but they are helping to build up my core muscles and improve my posture. Once my core is stronger and my posture back in balance, I’ll be able to do more of the other things I’d like to be doing! Meanwhile: no swimming; no back arching; no twisting.

If you have any other suggestions for low impact restorative exercises I can start, do let me know!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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