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Too Early for Christmas Decorations?

In short, no! We love Christmas in our house and decorating is a big part of that.

Last year we moved house right before Christmas, so most of my time before Christmas was taken up with boring nonsense like unpacking! This year, though… This year our house will be glitter and fairy lights central! 

We have already been out shopping for tree decorations and craft kits. Later this week I will brave the cupboard under the stairs and get out our Christmas tree and boxes of decorations (and Christmas clothing). And then… let the wild rumpus begin!

First of all, there’s the tree. When S was a baby I made tons of salt dough decorations for our first Christmas tree  but I seem to remember that most of them got a bit damp at our last flat and had to be thrown away. Last year we didn’t really have time for making decorations, so we made do with what we had – but I think this year we might spend a Saturday afternoon making decorations of one sort or another. S is at Rainbows now too, which will probably mean at least one angel made from a doily. And then there’s the KidzLoveFit Christmas craft day I’ve booked her in for – we’re bound to come home from that with at least one new tree decoration. 


Christmas trees need lights, and I think last year we were ok for those – but this year, for the first time we have our own space outside to decorate. We already have some solar powered lights in our back garden but I’ve been looking at LED icicle lights to hang from the guttering outside. We have always enjoyed seeing other houses decorated for Christmas, so it might be fun to have a go at decorating our own house with as many lights as we can get our hands on!

S doesn’t know it yet, but as soon as the Christmas decorations were out at M&S I went and bought light-up letter decorations. We wanted some last year, but by the time we got to the shop there were only random letters left. This year I managed to get her whole name and I’m planning to stick Command hooks to the underside of the shelf in her bedroom to have her name literally in lights above her bed. I can’t wait to see her face when she finds them!

As well as all of this, there is the tinsel and the glitter. S has already been begging me to invest in more tinsel because apparently last year we didn’t have enough. To be fair to her, she has her own proper bedroom now and it’s only right that she should be able to decorate it so we will probably be purchasing a fair amount of tinsel.

We also have several musical Christmas trees. One is an advent tree which will find a home on the table in the living room, but there are others that I think were once biscuit tins. They will need to be put out somewhere conveniently just out of the reach of small hands (so as to avoid my being sent absolutely bonkers). I’m sure this collection will be added to this year; it usually is!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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