5 Numeric Resources for Children

Numerical skills are one of the most crucial things a child can be taught when growing up. The ability to perform basic mathematical functions, along with more advanced techniques, is key to their eventual path to a happy adult life. If you are looking for fun, yet effective, resources to help then Springboard Supplies have taken time to look at the products below that are currently the most popular on the market today:

1 Jumbo Number Pebbles
A key part of teaching children about numeracy is making it fun and interactive. By fully involving them in different ways with numbers, they will retain more of the information and also associate numbers with enjoyment. Jumbo Number Pebbles are a great way to do this and will have your class of kids exploring the different number combinations and how numbers work together.

The best jumbo number pebbles are large enough for little hands to manipulate and have clear, big numbers on to make them easy to read. A great resource for both indoor and outdoor learning, they will stand up to the roughest of play and help children master their numerical skills.

2. Roman Numeral Bingo
As children progress with their numeracy, new ideas like Roman numerals can help keep their interest in the subject. Some children will struggle at first with remembering what the various Roman numerals stand for though, which is where this fun game comes in!

Played in the same way as normal bingo, the numbers on the bingo cards and board are Roman numerals with the standard English equivalent on the back to aid learning. All kids love playing bingo and, by using this with the Roman numerals, it gives a great way for them to pick it up quickly.

3. Number Fans
Number fans represent an effective way to help children with their numeracy in a tactile manner. Easy to hold, the numbers are printed on clearly for them to read and interact with. They usually have the numbers one to ten on each part of the fan which can then be manipulated by the child to work out numerical questions or problems.

Children love being able to hold the fan and use it to aid them when taking part in any number play. In most cases, it can really help them in remembering the order of numbers, as well as improving their ability to perform basic sums.

4. Plastic Money Set
One key part of numeracy for children growing up is the ability to work with money. Not only will this boost their overall maths skills but it will also allow them to start learning about financial awareness. Luckily, it is another aspect of numeracy that kids love to be involved in, so it isn’t hard to interest them in it!

Getting a good quality plastic coin set is extremely handy in enabling you to do the above. Children will really enjoy feeling more grown-up when pretending to play shop with it and it will help them hugely in basic maths skills, such as addition and subtraction.

5. Fraction and Decimal Counting Cards
As children grow a little older, their numerical skills will need to include more advanced techniques such as fractions and decimals. Having a pack of fraction and decimal counting cards can be very effective in teaching children about this subject and helping them understand it.

The cards will give them a visual guide as to what is being taught and for many children, this can be the difference between understanding it or not. Standard cards such as these will usually show the fractional value on one side, while the reverse will show the decimal equivalent to aid faster learning.

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