An Unusual Christmas Gift

With Christmas coming up, I’ve been thinking about gifts. I have a large family, and some are easier to buy for than others. Of course, it’s easy to think of gifts for S; I spend lots of time with her and know what she likes. Plus, any time she sees an ad for something she likes, she pauses the TV and comes to find me so that I can see it!

My sister is hard to buy for; she’s just moved house and doesn’t have much space so I can’t buy her anything that will take up lots of space. She’s an important person in our lives though, so I want to get her a good gift – something she’ll be pleased to receive. About this time of year, S and I start asking her what she’d like – and paying close attention to what she does, where she goes and what she spends her money on so that we can get some ideas!

My other sister is even harder to buy for – because her birthday is in December! So I tend to use up all of my imagination thinking up a birthday gift for her, and then I’m out of ideas for Christmas. Her partner is a difficult one too, because he’s one of those people who will just buy something if he wants it – and he doesn’t really do the nick-nack sort of thing. I don’t like buying gifts for the sake of it, so I don’t really do novelty things – I’d rather buy him something he will use or like. He usually ends up with an Amazon voucher, which I hate but at least I know he’ll use it! Similarly, my sister usually ends up with a voucher for a local beauty salon and gets her nails done!

My nieces and nephews are usually pretty easy to buy for – because they’re all still young enough to be pleased with whatever they’re given! My sister’s children are 2 and 4, so literally anything that’s brightly coloured, plastic and makes a noise or moves will be a hit. My brother’s children are 7 and 10 so they’re just about getting to the age where they’re more picky about their presents – but they’re usually pretty easy to buy for.

My mother is another tricky one; she has 6 children and lots of grandchildren, so we all have to coordinate to make sure we don’t all just get her the same thing! This year, I think I’ve come up with a cunning plan. My mother lives close to town, but she’s disabled so has to drive if she wants to go to town – but then finds it hard to find a parking space when she’s there. So she doesn’t get out much, which is not much fun. This year I had the idea that all of us could pool our funds and buy her a disability scooter so that she can get to the shops more easily. Then she can get into town to meet family and friends, and won’t need to worry about parking spaces.

I never know what to do about gifts for my friends; I tend to only buy for them if I find something I think they would like. Friends’ children is also a tricky one – because it can quickly get expensive. I have a cunning plan though for something we can make up for all of the children we know… I just need to buy supplies for it!

Every year we make homemade mincemeat and give jars away as gifts, and this year I might get my act together and make homemade cranberry sauce too.

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