10 Teeth Whitening Hacks You Haven’t Tried

Everyone wants shiny, bright white teeth like a celebrity these days don’t they. But how do you actually go about making your teeth look all sparkly and worthy of a red carpet? Here are ten hacks you might not have tried before.

  1. Turmeric
    Yes, I know it’s orange and stains everything in the kitchen including your hands… but apparently a mixture of two parts turmeric to one part coconut oil can work wonders for whitening the teeth… just be sure to wear old clothes, and allow extra time for clearing up afterwards!
  2. Orange peel
    Apparently if you rub an orange peel over your teeth before bed, the vitamin C content will help to keep bacteria at bay and also whiten the teeth.
  3. Apples
    Apparently the acidity in an apple will scrub your teeth and help to whiten them. 
  4. Charcoal
    Apparently charcoal can prevent the build-up of yellow colouring on the teeth. Add charcoal to your normal toothpaste when you brush and this will allegedly give you sparkling, white teeth. 
  5. Banana peel
    What is it with fruit and white teeth?! Apparently the minerals in banana peel can help to prevent discolouration. Experts suggest rubbing a banana peel over your teeth three times per week.
  6. Cheese
    Apparently eating cheese after every meal reduces acidity in the mouth; this prevents erosion of the teeth.
  7. Apple cider vinegar
    ACV is a natural whitener and kills germs and bacteria in the mouth. It’s not wise to do this often as it can actually discolour the teeth, but once a week or so should be fine.
  8. Oil pulling
    Each morning before you do anything else, swill a spoonfull of coconut oil around your mouth for ten minutes. The oil pulls all of the germs and bacteria out which can help to whiten the teeth.
  9. Celery
    Apparently chewing celery increase saliva production which helps to keep bacteria at bay – which then promotes cleaner teeth.
  10. Aloe vera
    Aloe vera juice mixed with bicarbonate of soda can make a good scrub to give your teeth a deep clean. Aloe vera can also help to prevent infection and kill bacteria.

All of these are worth a try; at the very least eating all that extra fruit etc will be good for you! Failing that, visit a Whitby dentist instead and invest in a teeth whitening treatment that doesn’t involve spices that will stain everything you own or rubbing fruit peel on your teeth!

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