Ready to Adopt? What to Consider for your First Family Pet

Is your family asking for a pet?  Not sure if you’re ready to add a furry member to the household? Nothing is quite like entering the front door after a long day, only to be greeted by a furry face. What’s more is seeing your little one snuggle up to their favourite pet.

Statistics published by Dogs Trust Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association claims that nearly 8.9 million dogs live in Britain. As a popular pet, nearly 24% of homes in the United Kingdom one at least one dog, while over 44% of the UK population owns some sort of animal. This only goes to show that the nation is full of pet lovers.

Here’s what to consider for your first family pet.

Ask Yourself Questions

Prior to choosing a pet, you will need to consider the type of pet that will suit your family and household. What type of animal will be the best fit your home? Will they be able to live comfortably? Will your children welcome the animal? What is your activity level?

While your child may desperately want a pet, they may have no understanding of what it means to own one. Depending on their age, parents should highlight the issues of pet care and adjustments that would need to be made. One other main question to consider is where you will get your new pet. You can adopt at your local animal shelters and rescue agencies.

Consider the budget

Whether you would like to own a goldfish or bring excitement with a beagle, you will want to make sure that you can take care of them. This means buying new food every month, getting the vaccines they need, and even unexpected trips to the vet. All these will leave you in a tricky situation when you are left without a budget.

Get Pet Insurance

With nearly 86% of owners considering a pet for their family, it is safe to bet that not many carry the pet insurance they need when an injury or accident erupts. Having coverage is no different than protection for your car or home. Pet insurance gives peace of mind to know that your furry family member is protected as insurance companies offer a large range of policies that will suit your needs.

There are all sorts of things to consider before you choose to adopt your first family pet. Be sure to make sure that you’ve prepared everything you need to blend a pet into your family and ensure that it gets all the love and attention it needs to call your house a home. 

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