This week I discovered that someone I regularly chat to on Twitter posts vlogs on a regular basis – and I had never seen any! I went to watch one, and found that I really enjoyed watching them. Then another friend posted a link to a vlog he had done as part of a “vlog every day in August” challenge.

I ended up watching several videos from each of their channels, and it got me thinking about doing more video. Part of my job is to consult on social media for clients. I’m always telling them to do more video, whenever they can – but I’ve not produced a video myself for months now. 

I can’t do fantastic editing like Mark Thomas and I don’t have a pretty place to film either – my house is a constant mess. I know I can’t compete with the level of filming and editing you see on YouTube (especially since Mark got a drone!)

As well as this, I love live video for connecting with an audience. I don’t really have an audience on YouTube – I think I have about 50 subscribers and I don’t think any of them are sitting waiting for me to upload a video! The people with whom I spend the most time are on Facebook, so it makes sense that these should be the people I talk to. 

Feeling all inspired to start doing more video then, I decided to set myself a challenge: to start doing more live videos. Specifically, to do a live video every day for the rest of August. I got a pen and a piece of paper, and I started making a list of topics. 

And so, for the next four weeks or so, I will be doing a live Facebook video on my Facebook page, every evening between 6 and 7. I’ve got topics listed for about the next week or so but I’m sure more ideas will come to me once I get going! If you have a request for something you would like me to talk about, do leave a comment either here or on my page.

Do come and join me on Facebook if you can!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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