Top Lessons from the US Open

For all our golfing fans out there, I’m sure you’re probably aware by now that Brooks Koepka nabbed the US Open last month by quite a large margin. By ending the tournament 16 under par, Koepka not only fended off both Brian Harman and Hideki Matsuyama both on 12 under par, he equalled the US Open scoring record set by Rory McIlroy back in 2011.

There was quite a lot to take from this tournament so we’re going to give everyone a little roundup of what we took from it – feel free to disagree but you’ll have to tell us why in the comments!

The Weather was Kinder than Usual
The 16-under-par end score for Koepka speaks for itself. In what is usually described as one of the toughest tournaments of the year, due to unpredictable weather conditions, Erin Hills was particularly kind this year. Thirty-one players enjoyed an under-par score by the time the tournament was finished, with punters possibly feeling that they were cheated of a bit more drama than they’re used to. To think, they could have saved a whole lot of money on that waterproof golf clothing too!

John Rahm Needs to Calm Down
As much as we all love a bit of a bad-boy in sport, the Spaniard John Rahm is starting to develop a bit of a nasty streak whilst playing that won’t impress the crowds very much. When not on the green, Rahm appears more than approachable with a charming personality and a warm smile to go with it – but his Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde transformation occurs as soon as the pressure’s on.

There’s three things Rahm threw at the tournament, his clubs, a bunker rake (yes, really) and several tantrums. He’ll need to work on his composure more if he wants to make it at the top level. There are people that say this kind of ‘passion’ is good for the sport, but I bet they’d soon change their minds when they see a nine-iron boomeranging their way!

Heavy Hitters Favour Erin Hills
Koepka’s ability to bomb a ball down the fairways is probably what set him aside from the rest at this tournament. Not to say the other aspects of his game weren’t excellent, but the power behind his drives was the decider in this tournament where so many were at their best.

The Trophy Ceremony is Still a Snooze Fest
You would think that after all these years the USGA (United States Golf Association) could get a grasp on what makes a good finale to a tournament. Curtis Strange couldn’t even be bothered to memorise his notes for the final interview with Koepka. At least Diana Murphy, the president of the USGA, made an effort. So that’s a start.

It Can All Change in a Day
Don’t believe me? Ask Justin Thomas. He looked like he was going to absolutely fly away with this tournament by Saturday having sunk bogie after bogie in the third round and finishing the 18th hole with an eagle. He didn’t even crack a smile as he looked so determined to lift the trophy the next day, we all thought he was a shoe-in. Destiny had other plans, however, and Thomas finished joint last in the final round with an 8-under-par score. It just goes to show you how cruel golf can be from one day to the next.

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