There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping. As e-cigarettes become the most popular method to aid with the quitting of smoking it seems to have taken in its fair share of detractors – most of the criticism that seems to land at the feet of the e-cigarette industry appears to be totally undeserved.

Many of those who spout off about e-cigarettes being dangerous like to explain that ‘we can’t know the dangers as there aren’t any long-term studies’, which is true. What is also true, however, is that we are acutely aware of the long-term dangers of cigarettes and e-cigs have a proven track record of helping people quit smoking once and for all.

Meanwhile, e-cigarettes have also had plenty of short-term studies that they can point to, one of which was conducted by the National Health Service, to prove that the effects on a person’s health are negligible. One of the most prominent misconceptions is that we don’t know whether ‘second hand vaping’ can have detrimental effects on those around us when we vape – however, this particular concept has been studied at length by plenty of scientists.

While there have been plenty of studies to prove the danger of second hand smoke from cigarettes, people seem to misunderstand e-cigarettes for the fact that they do not actually produce smoke. E-cigarettes, which are more commonly known as vapes, produce just that: vapour. The damage cigarette smoke can do to a person’s lungs is vast, whereas vapours effect on the lungs is microscopic in comparison.

One such study was conducted by Igor Burstyn, PHD, who works at Drexler University, Pennsylvania. He led a study, entitled “Peering Through the Mist”, into whether exposure to the vapour produced from e-cigarettes could be harmful to those around them, and also to the vapers themselves. Burstyn’s results showed that the vapour inhaled by the user would possess a miniscule scale of risk to them, the small scale of which accounted for possible changes to the future of the science of e-cigs.

The study found that the effects on those in the vicinity of the user were a great deal less, so we’re talking a microscopic level of possible harm, compared to that of an e-cig user, which is also tiny. This study should prove one and for all that this idea of affecting those around you with second hand vape smoke is ridiculous and that there are no detrimental effects on the vape user, let alone those around them.

If you want to kick the nasty habit of smoking once and for all then e-cigarettes could be ideal smoking cessation method for you. With plenty of cheap e-liquids and vape kits to choose from, it’s never been easier to give up smoking than it has been now! These products can come with nicotine too, which can come in variable levels so you can wean yourself off of the addictive substance without having to go cold turkey – so you’ll hardly even notice you’re taking in less and less nicotine each week.

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Rudy · 03/10/2017 at 09:15

Yes actually. Unlike secondhand smoking, there are no harmful effects from vaping to bystanders who does not vape at all. Vaping is far better and less harmful than smoking.

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