Anyone who knows us, knows that S loves drawing, colouring and writing. We go through paper like there’s no tomorrow, and my fridge is absolutely covered in pictures she’s drawn for me.

We go through pens and pencils like nobody’s business as well, so we’re always happy to receive more. We were very pleased to receive a full set from BIC. We received:

First, let’s look at the “washable” aspect of these products – the part most parents are really interested in!

The other day S came to me saying: Mummy, how do you make tattoos stay on? I looked down and saw this:


This was on a Sunday evening, so I figured I would just make sure I got a little more involved at bath time, to ensure her legs were scrubbed clean ready for school the next day. What actually happened was that S played in the bath as normal for ten minutes, and when I asked her to stand up so that I could wash her legs properly… there was nothing there. I have to say, I was impressed. S is definitely one for drawing on herself – and accidentally drawing on her clothes – and so far marks like these have disappeared without trace, with minimal effort!


The next thing worth mentioning is the crayons and pencils – for these are no ordinary crayons and pencils! The pencils are wood free, so when your child goes on a pencil sharpening spree (please tell me it’s not just mine!) you don’t get wood shavings everywhere. The crayons are also sharpenable (that’s a word, right?) and so allow much more detailed drawing than you would expect from a normal crayon.

Both have proved very durable so far, with no snapped crayons, no pencil leads falling out and so on. 


Getting new pens, pencils and crayons – coinciding with the beginning of the summer holidays – has meant that S is spending a lot of time drawing, colouring and writing – which is great fun to watch, and to listen to. She usually talks through what she’s doing or sings a song as she goes, so it’s very entertaining. When she’s done she takes great pride in showing me what she’s created, and lots of our friends are now being inundated with cards and pictures!

I’ve started covering her table with lining paper so that she can just draw and colour whenever the mood takes her, without ransacking my desk for printer paper – or that’s the hope, at least! Here is her most recent creation:


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