We were sent an Animal Match game from Orchard Toys to celebrate their Mini Games. S loves a good game, and what’s great about this new range is that they’re all small enough to pop into a backpack and take on a little outing with you.

When we go out for dinner I usually bring S’s tablet for her to play with until the food arrives, or her colouring. I dislike encouraging her to spend more time on a screen though, and often her colouring escapades can take over the entire table – and she doesn’t like to stop until she’s finished, even if her food is going cold. So I like the idea of bringing a game that I could play with her while we wait for our food. 

These games are also useful for holidays and suchlike. I’ve learned from experience that when you’re taking a child away from all of their toys, it’s best never to assume there will be something to entertain them at the other end!


What I like about this game is that the cards are thick; they can’t be bent or dog-eared so they’re likely to last longer than your average card game. Snap is a classic game that everyone can play; no complicated rules to understand (or argue over); you can just join in and play.

We love Orchard Toys games; S has lots of them. Orchard Toys are one of the few British toy companies that still manufacture in the UK. They manufacture over 1.8 million products each ear and export to over 40 countries worldwide. Their games, puzzles and packaging are made using 100% recycled board, and their paper is sourced from sustainable forests.

More importantly to a five year old though, their games are bright and colourful and fun. I walked past S’s bedroom the other day and found her playing her Animal Match game against her teddy. Unsurprisingly, the teddy never quite got around to shouting snap and she won several games!


The Orchard Toys mini games are priced at just £4.99 and available from all good toy shops.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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