Great Gaming Options for Mums

As mums, we barely get any time to ourselves between taking care of the kids and attempting to live our own lives too. Games can provide us the chance to chill out and head to another world for a while, which can be much needed after a day with the kids. Below are our top picks for some me time.

great gaming options
Candy Crush
We love this game because you only need two seconds to use it to chill out. Let’s face it, we barely get any time to even read a book, so a speedy game is very much needed. Just install this game on your phone and then when you get a chance, you can get matching up those candy symbols and winning.
Don’t get us wrong, this game can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t manage to get those symbols, but overall it acts as a great distraction.
Dragon Age Inquisition
If you’re looking for a more intense game then the Dragon Age series by Bioware is fantastic. In particular, the standalone instalment Inquisition can offer you hours of fun. It’s great to see women actually represented in gaming and there are some very feisty females within this game.
Instead of spending time browsing through endless pictures on social media, this game offers you a real challenge and one you’ll feel proud of beating.
Bingo Games
There are a whole world of bingo sites out there, each with a variety of incredibly fun games. New sites offer variety of bingo games and they also happen to give you the potential to win real cash.
The stakes don’t have to be high either, as these games can be yours to play and win on for as little as a penny. Plus, they can have a real community of players which can give you that much needed interaction with grownups after a long day of being around the kids.

online games
Just Dance
Do you ever feel like a couch potato as you skim through television channels? Well this game will get you up and moving again! You can pick from a selection of top songs and dance the day away as you get fit at the same time. Each track typically lasts between three and five minutes, so you can pop it on any time you get a spare few moments.
If you’ve not got time to go to an exercise class or make a plethora of healthy salads, then this game can prove pretty motivational and even aids weight loss.
Gaming is for everyone and these games will show you that. They range from the casual to the more intense and you’ll be a pro player on most of them before you know it!

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