Getting an upcoming baby the right necessities like clothes and toys when you don’t know the gender can be tedious and flat out difficult. It’s probably the reason you’re reading this right now actually, but rejoice! The solution to your problem is all right here. Before we get to that though, here’s a small little tip that can serve as a reminder for the baby’s future birthdays: When it comes to choosing a present for a baby, you have to keep in mind that babies, during their first stages of life, comprehend the world around them through oral sensation. This means that infants will put anything in their mouth, so you have to be mindful of small toys.

1. Choose the right colours: There’s a wide variety of colours in stunning arrays for such an occasion. You don’t want to get the plain baby blue or pink because those colours have been stigmatized with male and female stereotypes for many years now. Choose colours like white, black, grey. Colours like that make great choices as they aren’t tied to being strictly for males or females and anyone can use them.

If you want to take it a step further, you can get patterned clothing in white, black and grey but also stick to the unisex status quo. Complimentary colours you can match are red, orange, yellow and green. You can create various combinations depending on what you think would look good for the baby.

2. Safe objects: Now if you’re considering a gift that’s not clothing, you can gift ornaments that can be applied to the baby’s room. Whatever ornament you choose to decorate the room will last through the baby years up in their teenage years when you can recollect and mention the time you had to get a unisex gift because you didn’t know what gender he/she would be. It’ll make a great memory and serve as a throwback you’ll definitely cherish.

If you aren’t too sure about getting the baby ornaments, then think about what the baby could use that won’t be a complete waste of money. For instance, a unisex stuffed plush or a bath toy. You could get the baby accessories for the baby’s bath time. What could the bathing toy be? It can be different rubber ducks, rubber fishes or even rubber dinosaurs that’ll all capture the baby’s attention during bath time and make the bathing process much easier.

Another thing to note is that some plush toys can be hazardous so you have to be very careful where you purchase it’s toys, luckily you can easily find trusted retailers offering the best baby gifts in Melbourne or in your local which has safe toys, yummy baby cakes, a wide range of unisex baby clothing you can choose from and much more.

Those are all gift suggestions that may just work. With that in mind, take note of those tips and make the purchase of a lifetime that you won’t regret!

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