We’re heading towards festival season, and now that S is a little older I’m considering exploring a few of them with her. Having read this article on the Green Parent I’m really tempted to go to a couple of festivals this summer. I love the atmosphere of festivals, and the wide range of activities available especially for kids. What I don’t love is things like camping, putting on shoes to go to the toilet and showering in a cubicle (or, you know, baby wipe washes instead). 

People always suggest that I take S camping. To be fair, she would probably love it – but I dislike it! When I was 18 I spent two weeks camping on the west coast of Ireland with my boyfriend one summer. It rained the whole time; everything we had with us was damp; we both got thoroughly fed up and split up almost as soon as we got home.

If we’re going to festivals then, we’re doing it in style. I’ve been looking at HomeToGo to see if we can book a holiday rental somewhere near a festival, and maybe stay there for a week and enjoy the surrounding area as well as the festival. 

In a couple of weeks we’re going to Bournemouth for a long weekend over my birthday. Last time we stayed for 2 nights, which was nice but meant that we only really had one full day there. This time we’re staying for 3 nights so that we get a little longer to play there. It got me thinking about maybe doing this a little more often, but in a holiday rental we can treat more like a home than a hotel.

Whenever I mention festivals for children, people always talk about Camp Bestival and seem surprised I’ve never been, since it’s so close to us. I’ve been looking at others though and really found the below infographic useful. 

Do you go to festivals with your children in the summer? If so I’d love to know which you think is best?

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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caledonianescape · 19/02/2020 at 06:09

You should try this year for your staying needs : Scottish holiday lodges

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