Becoming a parent is a life changing event. Your entire life turns upside down and you somehow sort it out and have to make it the right side up again. It is a especially difficult time for new parents who are unsure of almost every step along the way, and want to make everything right for their baby.
There are several things that can boost your confidence as a parent. These include:
1. Being informed: Parents feel more confident while knowing that they’re doing their best, being well informed, taking advice from their mums/mother-in-laws/other parents/pharmacists, having supportive friends and family members and seeking advice online. A little pat on the back goes a long way, especially when it comes from people more experience than us.
2. Not comparing yourself: To be a more confident parent, you need to stop comparing yourself to other parents, or even your parents! Everyone makes mistakes and as long as you are trying your best to make it work, it should be enough.
3. Take care of yourself: Even if you think that taking care of your child should be your only goal, it is still important to take some time for yourself. Try to get enough sleep and take a nap whenever you can. You can even play some online bingo games with free bingo bonus to make de-stressing yourself easier.
Though parenthood can be stressful, hard, and chaotic; a large number of parents agree that is is one of the best things that has ever happened to them. The positive aspects of parenthood far outweigh the negative ones and most parents end up glad with the way they have raised their children.


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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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