S and I live in a fairly old house, which hasn’t had much work done to it since the 1970s. The bathroom suite is purple.

The good news is that our landlord is not terribly precious over what we do with the house, as long as we don’t knock it down! Now that we’ve settled in a little after our move, I’ve been thinking about making some changes… starting with my bedroom!


Right now, every single wall in the house is that annoying woodchip wallpaper. Of course, by 2017 any woodchip wallpaper has approximately four million layers of magnolia paint plastered on top of it. Removing this stuff will be a real nightmare, and the walls underneath will probably need re-plastering afterwards. Once all that’s sorted, I’d like to paint the walls. I’m not great with interior design but I’d like to paint the walls a nice light colour to brighten the space. Anything but bloomin’ magnolia! This is probably the biggest job… except…


The ceiling is Artex! Whoever decorated this place really wanted to leave their mark. I don’t know a lot about DIY, but I’m fairly sure removing this stuff will involve actually having to scrape it off the ceiling. Not ideal. Of course, with the recent hot weather, if I were going to all the effort of scraping all that Artex off my ceiling I might just go for a Solstro roof window in the sloping section of the ceiling, so as to let more air in! I’m not sure my landlord’s blasé attitude would stretch to knocking a hole in his roof though…


I’m fairly sure the carpet in my bedroom has been there since the house was built. It’s forest green, and the sort of material that just collects hair. I mean, seriously; we’ve been here six months and every single hair that’s fallen from my head during that time is stuck to the carpet in my bedroom! I’d love to pull the carpet up and replace it with a new one, possibly in light grey. But before I decide on a carpet, I need to devise a way of testing it for hair-adhesion.


If I’m going to all the effort of redecorating my room, I’ll be needing some new furniture. My bed is 13 years old, and it’s moved house with me numerous times. I love it, but I think it needs to be replaced! The bedside tables I currently have in my bedroom are mismatched and old. One came from an old hotel that was closing down! I want to replace them with something a bit more modern, and less MDF! I also need to replace my book case; I have a large book case in the corner of my room which I bought shortly after S was born, and it’s falling apart. I’d love to get a proper, hardwood book case to keep all my books on.


Last time I had my own house (many, many years ago!) I had a beautiful Monet print in my bedroom… in fact, I had two. When I had to move I gave them away and I really wish I hadn’t. They were flimsy frames though; if I’m getting pictures for this house, I want decent frames! 

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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