Peppa Pig Playground Slide Construction Set

S loves it when the postie brings a package for her, and this was no exception. She loves that this playground is a construction set so that she gets to build it and rebuild it however she likes. This means George Pig and Richard Rabbit are often to be found standing on top of the fence or the flower! It’s great fun to play with and the familiar characters from the show mean extra fun.

Peppa Pig playground construction set

Kids love any toy that allows them to exercise their imaginations, and this is no exception. S loves to have George and Richard (and any other toy she happens to have lying around) chat to each other and play games while sliding down the slide. She likes to sit the set on top of any table or chair so that when the characters go down the slide, they fly off the end. 

Peppa Pig playground construction george pig richard rabbit slide

It’s pretty fun, to be honest. They always squeal and scream as they fly off the end! Sometimes (rarely) she will put the fence piece at the end of the slide so that they crash into it at the bottom – but that’s really not as much fun, is it!

Peppa Pig playground slide construction

The great thing about this is that it’s fun for a wide age range. S is 5 now and enjoys playing with it, but she had a friend round to play yesterday whose younger brother (aged 3) was happily distracted by this for a long while. 

Putting the pieces together (and pulling them apart again) is great practice for little fingers and also for learning about putting the pieces together properly to support the slide and to provide steps for the characters to climb on. Then there’s the learning about gravity as they slide down. These are all things children learn through play, so while it just looks like a nice play set with recognisable characters, it’s also a great way for kids to learn about how the world works.

This Peppa Pig Slide Construction Playset is one of several sets; you can see the full range on the Character Online website. 

The RRP for this set is £9.99.

Please note: we were provided with this set for the purposes of review, but all words and opinions are our own.


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