Room to Grow contacted us a little while ago and asked if we would like to review something from their site. Since we moved house in November I’ve been working to make S’s bedroom a great little den for her. It’s the first time she’s had a proper bedroom of her own and it’s nice for her to have that space and spend time there. So of course, I jumped at the chance to review something from Room to Grow. The only problem was, what? 

The site is crammed with all sorts of bedroom furniture and accessories, and I was sure all of it would look great in S’s bedroom. In the end, we went for this beautiful Strawberry Sundae bedside table. S likes her nightlights and things but the unit we had next to her bed was too tall for her to reach her torch in the night so we thought this would be ideal.

When it arrived we had great fun working as a team to put it together. It’s made from quite thick wood, and the base of the drawer is very sturdy – not the usual board that can so easily be pushed out of the bottom as small hands cram things in! S was very proud of her part in putting this together!


Room to grow review

Once we’d put it together, it was time to put it in her bedroom. S enjoyed helping me to clear a space for it, and then deciding what would live in and on it.

She opted to keep her Paw Patrol figures on top, next to the dvd player and in pride of place. Her light-up toys, which seem to grow in number every time I look, live on the shelf underneath. The drawer? Well, that’s for secret things which I am not allowed to look at!

strawberry sundae bedside table

S really loves her new bedside table; the drawer is the first place she’s had for squirrelling away secret things (mostly pens and empty loo rolls!). It’s nice to have somewhere for her to put a little drink too, and the TV is now at just the right height for her to watch a dvd when she wakes up in the mornings.

All in all then, this gets a big *thumbs up* from us! It was easy to assemble, but it’s good quality and sturdy so will last a long time… now we’re looking into getting the matching chest of drawers… and since S’s bed dancing got a little too enthusiastic the other night, we might end up getting the matching bed too!


The Strawberry Sunday bedside table is available from Room to Grow priced £69.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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