Halfords are turning back the clock to showcase some of the most iconic bikes of recent memory. Their “Bikes through the Decades” looks at popular classics, highlights almost forgotten favourites and presents models that are primed to take today’s industry by storm.

I was an ’80s kid, so I chose this typically ’80s gem – not because I ever saw one, but because everything about it just screams 1980, doesn’t it! When I was a kid I had a boring, red, bog standard bike but my friend had a shiny blue one with gears and pink and yellow flashes – and a back brake! It seemed so grown up and cool, I was really jealous! My cousin had a Chopper, which she loved – but I didn’t like the colours. I wanted the shiny blue one. This despite the fact I could barely even ride a bike, and never took my cycling proficiency test. I’m not even sure I could ride a bike if I got on one now – but I still covet that shiny blue bike of my friend’s!

I still remember my first ever bike though; I must have been about 5 and one Christmas myself, my older sister and my younger brother all got bikes for Christmas. My sister’s was blue; my brother’s was red. Mine was a Barbie bike! I loved it and clung onto it for dear life for at least five years, when I was finally convinced it was too small for me and it was replaced with a boring, plain red bike. By that point I was over the whole Barbie thing to be honest, but I just loved that bike!


Which bike decade are you? Check out all the posters on the Halfords website here.

You can see Halfords’ range of bikes here.



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