A 268-lbs plump woman from Denmark slims down and becomes a fitness model after she starts eating with a teaspoon. Thanks to our friends, single Ukrainians, for providing us with these charming ideas.

Mathilde Broberg had been chubby since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. “Eat, my daughter!” – said her parents. All the chocolate, cakes, and sweets resulted in her being 268 lbs at the age of 16. Her daily amount of calories was about 3500. She did not pay attention to doctor’s arguments about the damage obesity can cause to her health. Until finally, she said “stop” and kissed the old diet off. Today Mathilde is 21, and she is clever, beautiful, and her weight is only 138 lbs. She became a fitness coach and is working as a model for sportswear catalogues. How did she manage to lose weight? Broberg explains everything in social networks and on her personal website, which she created specifically to help people who suffer from obesity.

An embarrassing moment put the end to her gluttony: Mathilde nearly did not fit in the seat on a roller coaster. Once she was almost kicked off a ride as the latch was struggling to pull over her. After the incident she ate her last piece of cake, in 2012, she started a healthy diet.

My stomach was as big as a horse’s one. I absorbed an incredible amount of food and it was always more than I needed. Not only that I ate huge portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but was constantly chewing chocolates, chips, pasta during the day … In general, I ate 3500 calories per day.”

First of all, she refused junk food, bread, fatty foods, pasta, and sweets. She reduced the portions and started eating all the food with a teaspoon, as well.

I gave up eating junk food, and it paid off immediately. In order to stop experiencing hunger, I began using a variety of tricks that deceived my brain and helped to overcome the desire to eat more. I reduced the portion size to the size of a man’s arm, instead of putting a whale on the plate. Besides, I started using a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon. So I ate slowly, and felt satisfied.”

After four years of diet, Mathilde has lost half of her weight – from 268 to 138 lbs. Unfortunately, the result brought her to another problem: what to do with the excessive skin on her body?

When I lost the weight, I still looked awful, as if I have never lost that weight at all. It was due to the extremely-saggy skin. I was desperate, and hated my body.”

Finally, she made abdominoplasty last year. She removed the excess skin from the abdomen. The operation cost $ 7,000 euros, but for Mathilde, it was free because the state paid for it. Now only a scar on her stomach reminds her former body.

While losing the weight, Mathilde was doing fitness. Then, she got a fitness coach job. Living in her former body, she had no idea of how pretty she was. Only after she slimmed down, she realized that men were paying attention to her (including professional photographers). By the way, a photographer offered her to shoot for the sports clothing catalog. Well, Mathilde tried her hand at the fashion industry.

She admits that her whole life has changed. Besides, she used to feel embarrassed going somewhere with friends, appearing in public, as it seemed that everyone was laughing at her clumsy body.

I missed so much fun because of my obesity when I was a child. I did not go to the pool, I got tired of long walks and dancing. Now I’m catching it up!”

5 Tips on How to Cheat Hunger from Mathilde:

1. Eat from a plate

2. Use a teaspoon instead of a dessert spoon.

3. Cut the food into small pieces while eating

4. Smash the food on the plate so that it looks like big portion.

5. Use spices, as they help you experience the full gamut of taste and saturation.

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