This week we were very pleased to receive a copy of the new We’re Going on a Bear Hunt dvd for review (you can read our review here) As well as this, we were sent a box of supplies for a Bear Hunt party, which I wrote about in this post.

We invited a few friends over to watch the dvd with us; they were really excited to be having a little party “just because” without it being anyone’s birthday! 

First of all, we all settled down on cushions with popcorn and cupcakes to watch the dvd. We all had a bear to cuddle too which the children loved!

Bear Hunt party snacks

After the dvd there was a quiz. Since only one of our party goers was old enough to read the questions, we did the quiz as a group.

bear hunt party quiz

None of us did very well on the quiz… if I’m honest I think it’s because we were all too busy eating the popcorn! We got a couple of questions right between us though, which was good.

After the quiz, we played Pin the Tail on the Bear…

bear hunt pin the tail on the bear

We used S’s superhero cape as a blindfold…

bear hunt games

We all had so much fun, nobody really cared who won… though as you can see, a few of us came pretty close to his actual tail! This was such a lovely game to play; one of those ones I remember playing at birthday parties when I was little but nobody seems to play these days. The picture we were given was lovely too and the tails were really fluffy.

Next we decided to decorate biscuits. We’d been given icing and chocolate buttons to turn our biscuits into bears:

bear hunt biscuit decorating

In the end the children we happy mostly doing their own designs; they’re very artistic! The bears watched on hungrily.

bear hunt biscuit decorating

While we waited for the icing on our biscuit creations to dry, it was time to road test the bear ears that came with the dvd.

bear hunt bear ears

As you can see, Jude makes an excellent, scary roaring bear!

bear hunt bear ears

Bella wasn’t so big on the roaring, but she does make a very pretty bear, don’t you think? I love how her bear seems to be looking at her lovingly!

We also had a treasure hunt for some lovely prizes, but I was too busy refereeing, and the children moved too fast to take photographs any way!

bear hunt party

We almost managed to get these three smiling for the camera at the same time! Bella’s brother Austin came to the party too, but he wasn’t interested in such boring nonsense as posing for photos – not when there was fun to be had! 

Eventually, it was time to go home so all of our partygoers were given their prizes and a goodie bag. The goodie bags had some treats and a colouring page with pencils. As you can see, S wasted no time in colouring her picture:

bear hunt party bag

We had a fantastic time celebrating the release of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on dvd; S has watched it numerous times this week, and has been talking about it ever since.

If you want to join in with the Bear Hunt fun, you can buy your dvd from Amazon (with free bear ears), or download from iTunes.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Kristi Cathey · 18/02/2017 at 13:25

Seems like you guys had an exciting party. When I was young, I also love treasure hunt. The feeling when I got the treasure is so amazing!!!

Jennifer · 19/02/2017 at 02:50

The kids are so beautiful and dynamic. I am sure that you are very proud of them. The games are interesting too. I will imitate the games for my children, hope that they will like those games very much. Thanks!

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