Thinking about taking out a catalogue account with a retailer? Read this before you do. Here are three tips on how to make catalogue shopping easy.

1. Find Out About Introductory Offers

Some retailers offer introductory deals for brand new customers, which can range from free shipping to money off your first purchase. Compare the best deals on the market before you open a catalogue account with a company to ensure you make a significant saving. Even if a retailer doesn’t have an introductory offer, you could still save cash with a discount code. You can find these from various sources, including third party websites, mailing lists and social media. Some of the best coupon codes could entitle you to 10 or 20 percent off your order, so it’s always a good idea to look around for the best deals.

2. Think About Interest

The amount of interest you pay on your order will depend on the company. Some companies charge more interest than others, so take a look around the Internet to compare the best retailers. Then there are the companies that won’t charge you any interest at all. These provide you with interest-free finance as long as you pay for your purchase within a certain timeframe. This could range between 28 days and three months, depending on the brand. In short, always check rates of interest before you take out a new credit account.

3. Find Out How You Can Make Repayments

The larger catalogue brands provide you with various ways you can make repayments on your order, from visiting your local high street to speaking to a customer rep over the phone. Other retailers let you log into your personal account online and make a payment, too. Different repayment methods should be clearly advertised when you take out a catalogue account, but if they are not, speak to a member of staff from the company.
If you are new to shopping through online catalogues you might not be used to some of the terms which are used. It is always best to make sure you are familiar with the terminology used so then you can make a better decision on the purchase you are going to make. If you are interested finding out some more information about catalogue payment options then click here.

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