You may not have noticed, but I bloomin’ love Christmas! Last year I made a free Portable North Pole video for S and she loved it – so when I was asked to review their Magic Pass I jumped at the chance.

With a free account you get one video, which is nice and everything, but the Magic Pass is made for people like me – who just love Christmas, and more importantly love to see their child’s face light up as Father Christmas himself sends a personalised message. 

With a Magic Pass you get: 

Unlimited premium videos, including Santa’s Verdict
The Reaction Recorder (on the mobile app)
Unlimited Santa Calls
HD Downloads of all of your videos
Storytime with Santa – a video each week in December.

Obviously, I wasted no time in downloading the app and creating a call and a video for S. She was astounded by both. As December goes on there are a few different videos I can create for her, including ones about a “special gift” being ready, and a special video for Christmas Eve.

With Portable North Pole you can also create a video for the child’s birthday so it’s not just a Christmas thing. I think it’s a nice way to keep the Christmas feeling going through the year. The stories are really magical too, and it’s lovely for us to sit down together to hear Father Christmas reading us a story.

With the Magic Pass you get unlimited videos, so you can also make videos for your other children if you have more than one, and there’s an option to make a video for a school class or similar group of children. You can also make a phone call, and once it’s created you can send it to a phone number, so that the phone rings for the child to answer it. We’ve had great fun with that one!

I was particularly interested to use the Reaction Recorder in the app. It’s really tricky to get a photo of S’s face as she looks at something on my mobile or laptop as it’s just a ridiculous angle at which to hold a camera. Here’s a screen shot of her watching her video:

portable north pole


For us, Portable North Pole Magic Pass really adds to the magic of Christmas; I love that you can make so many different videos and calls, rather than just keep showing your child the same video over and over again. As well as this, Portable North Pole donates 5% of web purchases to children’s hospitals around the world.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off for story time with Santa!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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