S is a massive fan of Shimmer And Shine, a TV show on Channel 5 about genies who grant wishes and have a pet monkey. It has one of those theme tunes that gets into your head and stays there – especially when your four year old is running about the house singing it! S thinks it’s brilliant, so she was really excited when these toys arrived for her to review. 

Shimmer Shine ponytail

We were sent two toys from a brand new collection: the Shimmer and Shine Ponytail (£9.99) and the Shimmer and Shine Wish Come True Purse Set £14.99 – both modelled here by S.

S’s hair is quite short, so she loved the idea of being able to have a long ponytail – plus the fact it was pink was a massive win! She keeps having me put it in for her, then asking me how her lovely long hair looks! She loves all kinds of fancy dress so this was always going to be a win. It clips in quite securely to her hair, even though she doesn’t have a large ponytail for it to attach to. 

shimmer and shine ponytail

The ponytail also has sparkly glitter strands in it so it’s extra special for dressing up!

The Wish Come True Purse set comes with the monkey purse pictured, 2 bracelets, which S is wearing, stickers, a brush and a magic wish necklace. S loves the purse and enjoys carrying it around with her – but it is quite hard for little fingers to open. She put the bracelets on but complained that they were too tight so one of her dolls is now wearing them. The stickers and brush were a massive hit though, as she loves all stickers and a novelty “just like Shimmer and Shine must use” brush means she’s now eager to brush her hair with it all the time!

The two toys together make a great opportunity for children to play dress-ups. S loves to put her ponytail in and grab her monkey purse whenever Shimmer and Shine is on TV, and enjoys acting out random magical wishes long after the show has finished. I think all fans of Shimmer and Shine will love these toys, especially the ponytail which allows children to really get into role play and pretend play which can be so much fun!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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