Everyone remembers Trolls; I think they’ve had a couple of revivals over the years. This time though, they’ve got an animated movie with lots of big names voicing the characters. The movie is massive at the moment; Trolls seem to be everywhere we look! We’ve previously reviewed the Trolls Poppy Styling Head, and S was delighted  when this package arrived at our door. We were asked to review a pink Troll wig, as well as a Hug Time bracelet.

Trolls Poppy Wig

Anyone who follows our Instagram knows that S loves to dress up so this wig was bound to be a big hit! This super-bright pink wig is styled to look just like Poppy’s hair in the film and even comes with the flower headband and fringe as part of the wig. Everyone knows that the main distinguishing feature of Trolls is their bright hair that grows straight upwards. I love that this wig looks just like a real Troll head!

The wig comes with an elastic band around the ends to hold the hair in position, which means that when you put it on the hair has a bit of a kink in it – but that doesn’t really bother a small child who’s desperate to see herself in the mirror with pink hair!

S loves wearing this wig, but did complain that it was a little itchy on her head. That hasn’t stopped her from putting it on though! I’ve heard the range

As well as the wig, we received this “Hug Time” bracelet. For those who don’t know, in the Trolls movie a character (Poppy, with the pink hair) has a watch which will go off every now and then to announce that it’s hug time.

trolls hug time bracelet

As you can see from the photo, this bracelet has a little switch there which you move across. When you do this, the face lights up and the picture of Poppy moves across the screen as it tells you, “hug time!” In fact, here is a (very) short video to show you how it works:

S loves this bracelet because it makes a noise and lights up. I love this bracelet because it means I get loads of hugs! As you can see from the video, she loves to press the button and then just jump at me for a hug too.

The Poppy Wig retails at £12.99; the Hug Time Bracelet retails at £9.99. These and the full range of Trolls toys from Just Play can be found at Argos.

You might also consider a cheap infinity bracelet.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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