Role Play World Salisbury is based in Wilton Shopping Village. We visited a while back when they had an open day, and S refused to leave; we were there for ages. When I heard they had moved premises, I was interested to see where they had gone – and why! The old place had been so great, I couldn’t think of a reason to move. 

When owner Jodie contacted me last week to see if S and I would like to go and see the all new Role Play World we jumped at the chance. The minute Role Play World was mentioned to S, she was brushing her hair while trying to get her shoes on at the same time; this was major excitement! We were not disappointed!

Role Play World Salisbury

The new premises are much bigger, which means more space for roleplay. This is the pizza parlour area.

role play world salisbury

Here you can see the “soldiers” area – but you can also see some of the ride-on toys in the foreground, and to the left you can just see the hospital area. There’s also a construction area, musical instruments, fancy dress costumes, a home kitchen, a supermarket and a fire engine. S was in her element!

role play world baby area

A new addition is this dedicated area for under-twos with lots of sensory toys for smaller children. It’s on the opposite side of the room from the main area, so there’s plenty of space and younger ears are not disturbed by any over-enthusiastic role playing!

By far my favourite part of the new Role Play World is the parents’ seating area. When I visited the old premises, the parents either sat on the other side of the reception area, oblivious to what went on until someone started screaming, or we sort of hovered around in the role play area like spare parts, trying not to get in the way of the fun. 

role play world salisbury

The new Role Play World has a larger parents’ area – with tables and chairs! You can keep a close eye on what your child is up to, without actually intruding on their fun… Or, if you’re me… you buy a cup of coffee, grab a magazine and relish the thought of reading an article or two without interruption. I took the above photo from my chair; S and I both enjoyed some time apart for the 90 minutes she was busy being everything from a fireman to a drummer.

role play world salisbury ride on toy

There are lots of ride on toys to play on; this one was a firm favourite. It’s a motorbike, but the wheels are wide enough that it stands on its own.

role play world salisbury

She rode it so much, it needed more petrol! 

role play world salisbury drum

You can see the music section at the back of this photo; there’s a keyboard with stool and microphone, where S spent a huge amount of time singing songs. She also managed to find two harmonicas and a drum. Which was really nice… for her! In this photo you can also see, to the right of the music section, a large rail filled with fancy dress clothing. By the end of our session most of the little girls were dressed as fairies or princesses.

S had a fantastic time at Role Play World; if I hadn’t been trying to take some photos for this review, I don’t think I would have heard from her for the entire 90-minute session she was in there. She was able to go off and enjoy playing without interruption from me – and I could keep a sneaky eye on her over the top of my coffee. It was lovely to see her making friends with the other children there, playing doctors or posting letters together.

The new improved Role Play World is bigger and better; there are even little cubby holes where you can store your shoes so that you can find them later. There’s also a large dining area with an ice cream machine for children’s parties. 

Sessions at Role Play World are £6.00 per child, with accompanying adult. Additional adults can come in for £3.50, and prewalkers are free with a child place. There are four 90-minute sessions on weekdays and Saturdays, and three on a Sunday and you can book through their website. I also saw on their Facebook page that from this month KidzLoveFit will be doing sessions on Tuesdays at no extra cost – which is a bit awesome. I’m thinking I might book in S’s half term session now!

NB we were given a free session at Role Play World in return for an honest review.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Carla S · 08/09/2016 at 18:57

The first thing that stood out to me was how clean the place is!
S looks like she was having a lovely time

Amanda Green · 10/09/2016 at 18:06

Clean, safe, fun – oh my gosh, it looks amazing :-)

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