Having a home daycare could make a pretty profitable business for you. But, like with any other business, there are certain things you need to do. Such as creating a budget, in order to be successful stay organized, and realize what is a necessity versus what is a luxury.

Below, we will be talking about the different things you need to pay attention to in your budget. You could even use this as a checklist of sorts to add to your budget checklist – in case there’s anything you forgot.

The Right Kind Of Flooring for Kids in Home Daycare

While there are many different kinds of floorings out there (which are best for kids as well as pets) – if you want to find a good wood flooring option that is anti-bacterial, anti-allergen and anti-mold, as well as one that looks pretty, is most durable floor and will wow parents when they come to look at your daycare, you might want to look at laminates. Wood laminates are all these things and they are quite popular these days.

“Well, I can’t afford them.”? Well, you might be interested to also know that these are not expensive like hardwood. They are actually quite inexpensive and budget friendly. They cost significantly cheaper than most other materials and they can be ultra-customizable.



Food and Drinks

This is a big one, and depending on your menu plan, it’s going to take a majority of your budget to pay for this. On one hand, you can make it so parents have to provide food and drinks for their kids. On the other hand, you might have to provide these things for the kids you watch.

It’s a nice idea to offer an option for either. This way, you won’t definitely have to pay for every single kid, but you can also give parents an option for you to feed them or not. Some kids will be allergic to certain foods, for example, and a parent would rather make something at home for them for safety reasons. Totally understandable!

Advertising and Promotion

The second most expensive factor is definitely going to be your advertising and promotion. Unless you are well established or you just know a lot of people/friends/neighbors who will need your services on a daily basis, you will need to promote and advertise your business in order to get a bigger clientele, make a profit to pocket and of course – make money to recycle back into the business.

It’s a good idea to look at other daycare businesses that work from home. What are they doing to advertise their business? Are they using any specific business models? Advertising models? Do they advertise in certain places like libraries and schools?

One really easy way to become successful is to find someone who is already successful and follow what they do, but put your own twist on things. You can and should also be doing all the traditional methods of advertising; create business cards, create fliers, advertise in the classified section of the newspaper and more.

Equipment and Accessories

Another thing you will have to put into your budget; equipment and accessories – like toys, cribs, cots, blankets and even outdoor equipment. If you, on the other hand, are having a daycare for just kids 5 and old, you won’t need a crib. That’s another reason why it’s really important to sit down beforehand and figure out what age group of the kids you want to take and how many kids you want to take. You want to make sure you aren’t buying things you won’t need, but you also want to make sure that you buy in quantities you will need i.e. 5 plates, 5 spoons, 5 forks, 5 cups, etc.  

Miscellaneous Supplies

You are also going to need to set a budget aside for things like hand soap, detergent for laundry and dishes, toilet paper and more. Anything the kids will be using should be placed on this list, that won’t fit anywhere else.


 If you are planning on doing side activities with the kids, like taking them to zoo, going on a field trip, or any other special activities you also need to figure out the cost for how many kids you are taking, how much tickets would cost, how much gas it is going to cost you to shuttle them back and forth, and more.

Or, you could simply plan some indoor activities to keep it always interesting for the kids.

There you go, you are all set now to start your own DayCare.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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