I’ve had the same handbag for a long time. It’s bright pink, and I love it; but I’ve had it a very long time now, and I think I’m due an upgrade. I deserve an upgrade! I’ve narrowed it down to three possible choices:

ralph lauren house of fraser


This Ralph Lauren tote is gorgeous, isn’t it? I like the colour because it would go with just about everything, and it’s a similar design to the bag I already have… but it’s Ralph Lauren, so it costs about £280. That’s not as much as my current bag cost, but it’s a little out of my price range right now I think.




house of fraser ralph lauren tote



This blue tote is another Ralph Lauren, but a bit brighter. I do like bright colours in handbags – hence the fact the bag I have is bright pink! This one is a lovely bright colour, and although the list price is £280, I have seen it in the sales for a fair amount less.



house of fraser ralph lauren bag


Well, I did say I like pink! I hadn’t actually realised until I came to write about them, that all three bags I like are Ralph Lauren – I was going purely on the colour and style! I love the lighter, baby pink style colour. This one comes with a shoulder strap… though I’m not sure I’d use it! The list price for this one is £300 – but again, I’ve seen it in sales for as much as 50% off so it’s looking good!


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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