S was very excited to be sent the My First Baby Annabell Rose set. She does have some dollies, but this one came with a change of clothes, shoes and her own little rattle. That was very exciting for S, who loves to put new outfits on her dolls and teddies!

baby annabell rose review

Baby Annabell My First Rose wears a beautiful pink dress with rose detail and bow. It fastens easily at the back with velcro, and her shoes are easily removable – so that you can put her into a onesie with a cute rose design, ready for bed. 

S loves playing with her Baby Annabell; she especially loves to put her into her onesie at bed time and tuck her into bed. I think S is at that age where she likes to play with dollies and pretend she’s a mummy; she does it with all of her teddies, but with Baby Annabell she takes it much more seriously and will spend ages putting together a bed for her.


You can see a longer video of S playing with Baby Annabell here.
From my point of view, I like Baby Annabell because she has a cloth body so she’s softer than other dollies. She also has beautiful blue eyes that stay open all the time – none of those weird eyelids that are supposed to close when you lay them down, but always get a bit stuck and leave you with a creepy winking doll!

my first baby annabell rose

Baby Annabell sleeps on S’s minions sofa, with a cusion and a Minions blanket.


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